10 Tips on Making Money Flipping Virtual Real Estate Land on Decentraland Marketplace.

Flipping Virtual Real Estate on Decentraland is an amazing Business model if done right

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The moment I stumbled upon Decentraland, I was hooked.

I actually found the project right when the market dipped heavily in January as a means to diversify and the time I was interested in diversifying my portfolio beyond just holding coins. Why not hold virtual land as well?

Little did I know that I would be turning around these virtual digital lands and making crazy returns with them!

How much money do you think you can make flipping land on Decentraland?

I’ve had deals bringing 3,000 MANA all the way up to 100,000 MANA in profit!

This equates to $300 to $10,000 approximately, at current MANA token prices but bottom line, there’s TONS of money to make here..

I’m going to list 10 Tips that have helped me buy and sell land. I’ve done about 100’s of transactions so far and the below virtual land flipping tips have been developed through intensive work and practice.

Tip 1: Buy Cheap, Sell Cheap

Buying is easy, selling is the hard part.

As an investor or virtual real estate flipper, you want to be able to make a PROFIT on your investment. In order to do this you need to WIN on the buy.

A lot of new investors buy a few lands that they think are cheap and they might make a bit of profit but you have to buy properties at a price you KNOW you can make money even if you sell it cheap.

For example if the cheapest land connected to roads is 10,000 MANA then you want to try get these kind of parcels for 6-8k MANA so you can add 1-2k mana and sell it for 9-10k mana. So you’re still pretty cheap!

The lands I’m talking about are the ones connected to the light grey lines.

What ever the lowest price is for that category of parcel, you want to get lands LOWER than that. Ie, you want to buy at a bargain price and sell at a bargain price.

Tip 2: Best Deals are Done Privately

Ok so how do you get land parcels cheaper than market value?

The best decentraland deals I’ve done have been done through privately chatting and making an arrangement with someone wanting to sell on discord or telegram. Usually they will post a big image of the lands they want to sell. If you privately message them and organize a price you can do a private deal.

This is obviously risky because you have to send MANA first and then the seller will send the tokens but out of 10-20 deals I’ve never been scammed. Almost once but never.

Good to have a third party witness, (usually an admin), the transaction and validate the sellers credentials, (is he trustworthy, is he a long time member, etc).

Tip 3: You Need to Spend Money to Make Money

If you’re just waiting around and offering people something stupdi like 1-2k mana a parcel, or a random cryptocollectable card/item that has no value, then you’re not going to get a deal…

Maybe, but probably not

Tip 4: Buy in Bulk

Some people can’t be bother listing their lands individually so if you just offer a bulk price sometimes they’ll take it even if it’s less than what they can sell it for on the market.

Tip 5: Contact details on parcels

This ties in to buying in bulk.

Sometimes if you check seller wallet profiles you can find their contact details on other listed for sale prices. And from there you can look through their portfolio to see what other parcels they have and give them a bulk offer.

If they’ve had it listed for a while many will be open to this.

Tip 6: Signs of a seller that needs to cash out

Sometimes Land Owners will keep posting their lands for sale on the marketplace. They obviously can’t find a buyer. Mostly it’s because they’re not dropping the price low enough.

If it’s been a week or two of this then it’s time to message them with an offer.

Sellers who really want to sell their land usually need money in the real world so they have a limited amount of time they can hold off from accepting low offers. If you’re lucky they’ll accept.

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Tip 7: Follow land prices DAILY

Just like a real job or business, Making money doing this requires effort.

I check Land history prices on the daily. If there’s any lands that have sold within an hour or two, I’ll know.

You can get an idea of how much virtual lands are selling for by going through either nonfungible or decentrastats decentraland land pricing history.

Keep checking this out and refreshing the page every now and then. Overtime you’ll get a feel for what lands are worth in different areas.

Tip 8: Have mana on two wallets on 2 Different Platforms

Sometimes metamask and decentraland marketplace plays up. So if I want to buy a land ASAP then my transaction gets stuck or the marketplace will be glitching.

At times like this I have another wallet on mobile I’ll use at the same time to simultaneously submit a buy order for a land. Lands that are cheap don’t last long on the marketplace so it’s usually the quickest that win.


Tip 9: Evaluate land valuations according to SOLD prices not listed

This should be obvious but I’ve found some making bad decentraland land investments. Don’t evaluate the price of a parcel based on listed prices of surrounding lands.

You might find 10 lands for sale connected to genesis plaza for 10,000,000 each so does that mean if you see one for 3,000,000 it’s a good deal?

Hell no!

Sometimes, lands are just overpriced so you have to check price history using the sites listed above to see what lands sold in this area previously.

Tip 10: Keep an eye on MANA value

I’ve been following MANA/Decentraland for a while now so I know how the market reacts to MANA token price increase.

People in the real world for whatever reasons, need money every now and then so they need to cash out. As MANA token increases land values drop, (in terms of MANA), because now the token is worth way more so they’ll receive way more fiat.

For people with bills and rent to pay this is a golden opportunity.

So if someone has been waiting to sell their land at 10,000 MANA when token is priced at $0.10, they’ll be happy to sell it at 5,000 MANA if token price reaches $0.40 as the fiat withdrawn is still way more!

Keep this in mind when buying and selling as large swings really effect land deals on the marketplace.


In conclusion, just keep spending more time keeping ‘in the know’ on the project, land sales and general chat in different social platforms for decentraland like discord and telegram.

Once you’re confident jump in and start off with something cheap you’re comfortable with!

Good luck.

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