17,100 MANA Profit | Quick 2 week 9 Land Flip | Decentraland Land Flipping Case Study

Thought I’d do my first public case study.

There’s another 3 Decentraland Land Flipping case studies with some of my bigger flips in my course for those that want to learn how to flip and make a living off this. I’ve bought and sold a good 100+ lands, most have been private but this one was one of my rare public flips.

I’ve been doing this consistently since Jan/Feb and have made a good 50-100k MANA profit every month since. Last couple months have been slow though as I’m waiting for estate buy/sell features so I can sell some of my bigger investments before I re-invest.

9 Lands Bought for 6,000 MANA Each

by the way you wouldn’t believe how i’m writing this was post right now.

I’m literally talking into the notes section of my samsung and it’s converting my speech into text and what i’m going to do is copy the whole text and post it as a blog post. How cool!

First I wanted to talk about why I purchased this specific land. I buy and sell lands that are near the very cheap end of the Marketplace.

Why? Because new investors are more likely to purchase the cheapest lands first as initially, they are looking for a low risk investment. So these are very easy to flip or sell. These 9 pieces of lands gave me multiple reasons to buy. Firstly, they were right next to each other making them adjacent and sellable as an estate.Secondly, they were very close to Genesis Plaza and a district which was a decent location.

Lands that were close to Genesis plazas and districts were going for at least 7,500 to 8,500 Mana.

I knew that if I were to buy this I could flip them very quickly for at least 900 MANA profit, listing them at 6,900 Mana I was confident they would all sell very quickly which guaranteed me at least a profit.

But for these lands, I wanted to wait till people bought more of the bottom parcels and the average price for bottom parcels moves up. I would then be able to sell them at 7,900 MANA each. I just had to wait.

That’s exactly what happened. In fact it happened a lot quicker then I thought. Many lands over the last few days have been bought in the 7,000 to 10,000 range.

These lands were bought for 6,000 MANA and sold for 7,900 which gave me a healthy profit of 1,900 each totalling 17,100 MANA profit.

Increase Your MANA Stack

Right now that’s worth around 1,000 USD, (MANA at $0.06), but over the course of the last seven months MANA has seen pumps of 30-40 cents and I’m confident it will happen again. I should be then able to cash these out at around $5,000 USD.

My focus is increasing my Mana stack like crazy because I know eventually it will be worth a lot, hopefully Millions.

This was one of the rare flips that I have done buying and selling of the public market.Most of my deals happen privately where I can negotiate much cheaper prices which eventually give me bigger profits.

We are lucky to be living in an age where we can buy and sell digital assets so quickly. Thank god for blockchain.

There are many More market places that are becoming very exciting spaces due to the community being very active in trading Gods Unchained will become another highly profitable market once it releases. People have spent millions on cards and will be very active in collecting their set of 380 first set pre-sale genesis cards.

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