Finally community wearables!

5 designers were chosen to test the licence model for community wearables in Decentraland.

And boy did they deliver!



Artists and designers are what’s going to take virtual world’s like Decentraland to the next level.

The launch event was huge.

Convention centre was decked out in an Arty / cyber looking vibe where a few community members walked down the runway to display their new product lines.

Each designer explained the stories behind their lines during the show. The level depth behind these wearables design was amazing. Gave a lot of character and story to them.

Each designer released 6 sets of 100 Wearables of which around 30 to 40 were made available for purchase straight after the event on the roof top of the venue.

Many sold out within the hour.

Each project has different plans on how they wish to distribute the rest. Some through sales or rewards for completing certain quests, some wearables even give you stats boosts for games!

Giving utility to wearables will most definitely increase their value.

Decentraland have always given a strong emphasis to value retention/scarcity being core to building a strong baseline economy.

This means that scarcity and supply will always play a big role in decision-making.

The fact that these wearables have sold for 1-3,000 Mana, even more on the secondary market makes community members want to participate in future events to win them and designers have enough incentive to be hyped to release more.

I can’t wait till more designers release their wearables through DCL. They seem to have the same elements of collecting art pieces and it’s awesome to be able to represent your favorite projects!

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