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3 EPIC Features that will Revolutionize the Decentraland Land Market for Private Traders

The Decentraland Land market is already far ahead of other NFT projects in terms fo USD volume traded. Here is a recent tweet from nonfungible.


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Note – NFT Trading without using trusted and audited tools/contracts is risky business, always do your own research and ask trusted community members and admins about their opinions. If it looks like a scam, it probably is.

Volume is a big deal with NFT’s. It’s easy to have your investment $ stuck when volume dries up so liquidity and volume is VERY important.

Decentraland already have good volume and daily sales range from around 15-50 lands sold per day. That’s quite a lot considering each land is worth at least ~$400 and can go up to $10,000 for a single parcel of land.

But there are plenty of land holders in Decentraland that don’t keep up with valuations and list their lands for way over their market value and so will never see a sale come through.

The community has always asked for an ‘offer’ system and it seems Decentraland are delivering!

There has been some features come out from both Decentraland and independent projects that can help liquidity in Decentraland BIG time and can provide a secure platform to trade off the market, (Private deals), which many larger traders like to do.

I’ll list 3 features that I’ve come across lately that can help the Decentraland and general NFT space.

Making Offers to Parcel Owners

Decentraland are working on a list of features, the first, being able to make an ‘offer’ on parcels.

Here is the GitHub page.

This has previously only been possible through contacting people via email/discord or any other contact information they have stated and conducting the deal manually. Very risky.

An offer feature through smart contract would be great to see a lot more lands get sold and thus, increase liquidity.

Making Private Deals Using Opensea

Opensea, the NFT trading marketplace have been very receptive and active within Decentraland chat groups.

After seeing the need for a secure private trading feature, they’ve since released this extremely cool ‘private listing’ feature.

So basically in the above screenshot,

I’ve allowed only user ‘0x62AeF09C413821cDc8e15f12882C4Eda3aCf94b1′, (by enabling the privacy option), to buy this land at 10,000 MANA.

This feature is also available for bundles!

Perfect for private deals and it’s free!


Trading NFT with other NFT’s Using Boxswap – A Straight Swap

Boxswap was mentioned a few days ago in the Decentraland Discord.

Basically you can do a straight swap/trade between 2 different NFT’s!

In the above image, I’ve agreed to sell my CryptoKitty for an Axie Infinity. If I fill out the TokenID’s I can specify which ones.

The Taker Address is basically like the private deal feature for Opensea so you can allow only one address to approve the contract.

Charles from Boxswap,

“Boxswap is a way people swap digital assets in 3 easy steps.

  1. Make a swap contract by setting terms on our platform.
  2. Send the link to a counter party or post it on social.
  3. Your counter party uses the link to arrive to your order where it can be filled.


It’s great to see the NFT space slowly evolving with tools, features and websites all working on pushing adoption.

I truly feel the gaming space will see the furthest progress in terms of adoption with blockchain, it’s such a needed use case, owning your assets.

Excited for 2019.

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