3D Artists and Game Developers Can Earn BIG in Decentraland

Lately I’ve been messing with the Decentraland drag and drop builder.

And imported these ‘Creative Commons’ license Animations from Sketchfab



Can literally drag and drop moving dragons, characters, buildings, etc.


Took me a minute to download and upload.

Now, connect this with what Metazone are doing.

Selling Games, models, etc to Decentraland Land Owners and have successfully sold $20k USD+ in just a month doing so and not many people within Decentraland know about them.

Decentraland had around $15M spent on Digital Land. People have a LOT of land, (45,000 16x16m Land parcels), to fill with content and many don’t have the skills to do so.

But they have the money and ideas.

So what’s the missing piece?

3D Modellers, game creators, people that can build cool things and sell them to us. Many land owners are offering free land rent to people to showcase their talent.

Over time there will be this ecosystem develop as Decentraland slowly grows and more people get involved in the platform.

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