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5 Ways you can Make Money with Your Decentraland Parcel | Predictions and Thoughts

Decentraland is exciting due to the open world of opportunities it is going to bring once the Mainnet is launched.

It’s still very early stages but I can’t help but plan ahead to make sure I give myself an advantage and leg up on being the first to discover and build profitable ventures in a VR space.

In this post I thought I’d go over some speculative thoughts on what opportunities I believe will be waiting for us in Decentraland, especially as parcel owners!

Setting the Foundation

Before I get into the Money Making strategies, it’s important to highlight a few things.

First off, LAND is a finite resource, just like gold, silver and…Bitcoin.

Meaning, the value will inevitably grow as more interest in generated in this space. Whether that value is in MANA, Ethereum or fiat, one way or the other it WILL grow.

Secondly, if you’re a land holder, you will be one of the very small number of people privileged to own a land once Decentraland matures. You have something extremely valuable. A Genesis City parcel of which only 30-40,000 are available.

Coinbase mentioned they were signing up 50,000 users daily last year. Can you imagine how many people are yet to discover Decentraland? The Cryptocurrency market cap has not even reached 1 trillion, it has ample space to grow and as it grows, Decentraland will grow.

It’s important to set a good foundation as an early investor. Owning a parcel of land and holding on to a big chunk of mana which is expected to be the in game currency. These two are essential.

It’s also important to keep up to date with discussions and updates from the Decentraland community.

Making Money with Your Decentraland Parcel

It’s important to note before I write this that these are based on future predictions.

1 – Developing Experiences and Charging for Entry

Let’s face it, it’s the developers, coders and smart entrepreneurs who can bring them together that will be the cornerstone of Decentraland. The ones that will build experiences and places worthy of visiting.

Many will just enjoy building things the whole community can visit and enjoy for free but I can’t help but thing that big, highly capable groups will build EPIC experiences and charge a small amount to people for entry.

Imagine a haunted mansion, (Just realized that would be EPIC to build on my land!), where it’s open to be explored during any day but every Friday there’s a special themed event.

Image result for 3d haunted house

Maybe something like a Fright Night Escape. Maybe a Freddy Kruger theme or Alien theme. An event where you need to be in groups of 3 to participate and if you escape you win a prize! You can sabotage other teams and lay traps etc.

To enter you pay 100 MANA each. 50 teams of 3 enter. That’s 150 people every Friday.

150 x 100 MANA = 15,000 MANA

At the current rate, that’s about $1,000USD every week!

Just an example but you get the idea.

It could be a Dinosaur park, a Museum, an Art Exhibition, Science room, anything!

I’m sure there are going to be some epic experiences to visit and games to play. It will be interesting to see how cool the experiences of capable game developers are going to be and I would definitely pay to check them out!

2 – Renting Out

I wonder how many parcel owners are developers or have the capability of building anything. I know I don’t. I’m going to hire someone if I ever do decide to build but my go to method when the world opens up is renting out my parcel.

Renting is one of the reasons I believe owning estates are going to be very powerful.

The more lands you have connected, the higher you can build.

The formula, if I recall correctly goes like this,

log2(n+1) x 20

Where n is the number of parcels you own.

You can work the log base 2 part out here.

My 21 parcel estate can build a huge 90 metres!

It’s 70 metres in length and 30 metres in width which gives it a build volume of 189,000m3

If I sell apartment spaces of 10 metre heigh levels with plenty of space to build, (10m in width x 30m in length), I can make 63 apartments.

Each apartment gets rented for 500 MANA/month, that’s 31,500 MANA which is about $2-$3,000USD at the current MANA rate!

Ofcourse, it’s a lot of speculation but developers would definitely want their own spot to build and if renting starts to generate a good income then these land prices will sky rocket.

3 – Providing a Service in the World

I have always felt that there will be a time where people can work full time in a game providing a service. Decentraland definitely makes that a possibility.

People are going to need a variety of services. Developing is the obvious one but if you can build a website that has a bunch of Decentraland specific templates for people that want certain types of houses and buildings they can buy and instantly upload onto their parcel, you can make some money!

What about designers? Interior and Exterior.

Sign designers, advertisers, rental agents, parcel valuators, event co-ordinators, who knows what new occupations will arise!

4 – Showcasing and Selling Products

Another big one.

Imagine having a virtual display room showcasing your design skills.

Whether it’s skins for new games or Houses/Appartments.

Image result for 3d house

If you’re a big building company, you can showcase your houses so people can go in and check out what they will look like!

Or imagine going into a clothing shop and with a click of a button trying out new jackets, shoes, jeans that will be displayed on your avatar.

Image result for 3d clothes

It can be clothes, toys, phones, anything can be replicated into a VR world and showcased. The cool thing is that the world is international. So for your clients that live in other countries, VR can be a close look at the product they are interested in.

With districts dedicated to building these types of experiences like Fashion Street and Virtual Shopping Districts, there is definitely an interest in this direction. It will be cool to see what things you can buy.

5 – Buying and Selling Parcels

You all know this is my favorite one.

There’s big money in flipping parcels. There will always be someone that want to get in, and someone that wants to sell and cash out. The trick here is knowing how to find them, negotiate and win on the buy.

Buying and selling parcels will become more exciting when the world is up and parcels become more rare. Different factors other than location will start to effect parcel price and keeping on top of these will be key.

I keep eyes on the marketplace like a hawk and will be interested to see the changes.

Decentraland is still very new and has a lot to build it’s foundation but with constant partnerships with content creators, a ton of people dropping $1,000’s on parcels and more than enough funding to make this happen, it’s going to go places.

Looking forward to entering the world!



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