6 Reasons Why Gods Unchained and Decentraland are a Match made in Crypto Heaven! | Someone Please make this Happen.

Whether you are from the Gods Unchained community or Decentraland community, this article is to highlight the strengths both can bring to each other and the big strides that can be taken in crypto due to this partnership.

Introduction to Both Companies


My first NFT love.

Buying 10m x 10m Virtual Land, I can build anything on, in a world with a thriving, (20,000+ rocket chat member), community all dedicated to build a world full of fun experiences seemed like a no brainer.

Quickly my 2-3 land investments became 100+ and I became obsessed with this platform.

Decentraland is a world comprising of 10s of thousands of limited parcels that can be bought on a map. Recently there has been a ton of collaborations with game development teams from the likes of Etheremon, Crypto Beasties, Barunson, Axie Infinity and a few more who have been on boarded to build and showcase their games and experiences in the Virtual Reality world.

The platform has become popular due to the decentralized nature of everyone owning their own part of the world and having the right to build anything they want.

Be it a mansion showcasing your work,

or a game building a battleground,


Decentraland is quickly becoming the world of choice to build epic Virtual experiences.

Gods Unchained

Heard of Pokemon Cards, Magic the Gathering or Hearthstone?

I bet you collected them at some point too! I know I did.

I was obsessed in collecting Pokemon cards and fulfilling my dream of having the full set.

Now, a Trading Card Game as such is coming to the blockchain!

You can buy packs of cards and battle them in a tournament at the start of next year aiming to have a prize pool of $1.6 Million!

Here’s a look at me flaunting my gold’s..

Esports on the blockchain? That’s a first.

The 6 Reasons why these two would be EPIC Together

Alright, let’s start with the credentials and capabilities of the two.

Some quick facts


Discord Chat: ~4,000, (Rocket chat had ~20,000 before they made the switch a few months back).

Market Cap: ~$110M & Rank #77 on Coinmarketcap

Monthly Transaction Volume: ~$500,000

Highest Land Sold: ~$175,000

Average Land Cost, (last 30 days): ~$1,500


Gods Unchained

Discord Chat: ~1,600

Market Cap: ~$1.6M

Monthly Transaction Volume: NA,(Market place not out yet)

Highest Card Sold: Currently Being Auctioned. Bid at 143 ETH, (~$60,000)


Reason 1: Experience in Blockchain Gaming

Decentraland are starting to be seen in the crypto industry as the Virtual Reality platform of choice for blockchain gaming companies to bring their experiences to VR.

In the last 2 months they’ve made partnerships with, Etheremon, Barunson Co, NRP, Axie Infinity, Crypto Beasties, and the like. All bringing a vast amount of experience of blockchain gaming to the platform.

Fuel Bros are the company behind Gods Unchained and previously built Etherbots a game on the blockchain where you can put together and battle robots.

Robbie and James Ferguson are the brothers behind Fuel Bros and are co-founders and developers of GitHub.

There are not many games or DApps that have been built successfully on the Blockchain and have built a thriving community who actually play the game. Those that do, are way ahead of the game considering the age of the Blockchain Gaming space.

Considering Gods Unchained has had $1,000,000+ spent on Card Packs they are doing extremely well in this regard.

Reason 2: A First For Both Worlds

Gods Unchained aim to host the first esports game on the blockchain.

Imagine this played on VR in Decentraland?

Ever seen Yu-Gi-Oh? 10 Year old me used to obsessed with it and Pokemon.

They used to duel and summon their creatures from cards. I can totally see that happening in the VR space.

Maybe not the whole esport tournament but the grand final can be held on Decentraland on maybe the Battleground District or heck, I’d give my 21 parcel land rent free, during the tournament (30mx70m and 90m in height!), for this to happen!

It could be a ‘first VR Esport Trading Card Game Played on the Blockchain on Decentraland’.

So many firsts.

Reason 3: Lots of Money Being spent on both Lands and Cards

Why is this important?

It’s not easy to get a community behind your idea and even harder to get that community so passionate they’re spending their hard earned money on game assets.

To get people to reach deep into their pockets and dump thousands of dollars on digital items means people believe in the project.

For me, seeing daily transaction volume being healthy and consistent along with a lot of discussions happening on community discussion channels means that I need to keep an eye on this DApp. There’s going to be a thriving marketplace and if that’s in place then you better believe there’s money to be made!

Bringing both these communities together can be a catalyst for both.

Those that have land and cards can showcase their collection and even host their own duels and mini tournaments on their parcels!

Remember the Psychic Gym Leader in Pokemon? Where you had to continue defeating members and teleporting yourself to the next room? Can you imagine that in VR and for Gods Unchained? EPIC!

Reason 4: Big Investors and Partners

With Decentraland having more than enough money to build what they need, the games that are built on the Decentraland platform NEED funding and community commitment for the longevity of the game.

Gods Unchained have some strong investors behind them that have the money to see them through and beyond the startup phase.

That’s right, Coinbase!

Coinbase had Gods Unchained on the first paragraph, front and centre of their most recent monthly blog post!

There was $2.4M of funding that came from these investors collectively which is plenty to push this game.

Reason 5: Duelling Members Randomly walking down Decentraland Streets


Recently Decentraland tweeted a partnership with Crypto Beasties, a game that seems to have similar aspirations as Gods Unchained,

I read the blog post and one section was extremely interesting,

“Decentraland also makes it possible to return to one of the biggest appeals of physical trading card games — spontaneous duels with your friends!

You’ll be able to carry your customized deck of Beasties with you wherever you go in Genesis City. If you see another person tagged as a CryptoBeasties player, you’ll be able to run up and challenge them to a duel. Or, you could coordinate larger tournaments in one of the many locations of Genesis City.

We’ve got a few ideas of what this might look like in-world: players may be teleported to a temporary, isolated “arena” either on a separate parcel or a platform floating in the sky. These arenas could be kept publicly available to spectators or friends of the players. Another option we’re considering is limiting the public duels to roads and plazas. Since Decentraland is still under construction (and so is CryptoBeasties) we want to explore a few options to make sure that we deliver the best experience possible.”

How cool is that?

Imagine being able to tell someone walking down the road is a CryptoBeastie or Gods Unchained player and duelling them right there.

It’s pretty cool you can carry your assets or collectables everywhere you go so you can display them to anyone that wants to see.

Reason 6: Strength in Community

I’m a big believer in building a healthy, thriving community that love the game or product their dedicated to.

There is a large community behind Decentraland, all trying to create some pretty epic things. From Ambitious Districts trying to create a World like Ready Player One to Haunted House Districts, everyone is helping each other build.

Bringing members from Gods Unchained to participate and contribute to these discussions and also having Decentraland members look into Gods Unchained and potentially even invest in the game will be beneficial for both companies.

Ending Remarks

The world is moving at an extremely fast pace and if you narrow your vision to just focus on the path you’ve chosen, you’ll soon be clueless on all the advancement happening in the other direction.

Collaborate and growing together is what will bring DApps mainstream.

I hope this collaboration happens, any company trying to create and push new ideas into the world is always interesting to follow.


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