7 Epic Decentraland Updates that have me on the Verge of ‘All-in’

There is some epic builds, partnerships and general community developments with Decentraland that have many, (including me), obsessing about this project.

I’m going to covering the 7 times I’ve been THIS close to going ‘all in’ on Decentraland.

1. Decentraland Project Leads pushing Content Creation

My biggest concern with Decentraland was twofold.

  • 1) I didn’t think they had the development capacity to make this world full of exciting experiences to enjoy and explore. Sure, they had a ton of people hold land but how many will end up developing? And out of those, how many will end up developing things cool enough to be excited about? That was until Ari dropped this.

“Also, we’re still onboarding the first 10 professional content creation teams”

This coupled with their partnership with Etheremon and later partnership with Barunson made me realize that they have a commitment to address this exact issue.

With professional content creation teams committed and I’m sure, incentivised to build epic experiences on Decentraland, who wouldn’t be itching to visit the world already?

  • And 2) I didn’t think the districts had enough funding or again, development capacity to build what the districts promised. But after talking and investigating some top tier districts like Aetheria who I’ll touch upon below, they have this covered! Not to mention having a company net worth over $100M, I’m sure they have plenty of money to push for pro developers to join the scene.

2. Some of the Community Land Builds are Out of this World!

Shoutout to @acl_crypto who has created a down right, EPIC mansion.

You can check out his crypokitty collection,



Browse the internet


Or even stream tv channels!!!

Ever since I saw this mansion, especially the ability to stream TV channels, I’ve been hit with the reality of how limitless this world is going to be..

There are plenty of equally cool builds happening right now on other land parcels but I’m going to save them for another post.

3. Aetherian Project is going to be HUGE

I made a dedicated blog post about the Aetherian Project but while writing that project, I realized how epic it’s going to be.

with millions of MANA in funding and a project lead capable of this.

This project is going to be a great attraction within the Decentraland world.

I’ve also been following their Pinterest board to see how they are deciding on the aesthetics of the place.

Looks awesome!

4. Etheremon Partnership

Ever thought you could battle digital monsters in VR?

Since the partnership and the below tweet this could very soon be possible.

I was into Etheremon before the partnership.

As soon as I heard about it I knew exactly what was possible here!

5. XOM – Scrapyard Escape Game

It’s good to see Decentraland building their own experiences, kind of pioneering the way for future developments.

This strategy game is a party game you can play along side other Decentralandians and vs other teams while competing for a community funded prize pool of MANA!

Who wouldn’t want to win some MANA hey?

Decentraland are planning on building the game completely open source to act as a blue print for other game developers who want to develop in the world.

It’s their way of showing us the capabilities and kickstarting the gaming experience in the world.

6. Barunson Co. Ltd. Partnering with Decentraland

Barunson is the company who developed the below game for the first Samsung VR gear,

James’s Quest was available just so people could get a feel for the VR gaming experience and the potential in it.

Barunson also announced this!

Barunson is excited to announce that James’s Legacy will be redesigned for the Decentraland platform under the title Satoshi’s Quest!”

Considering they’re a Korean company on the forefront of VR gaming and experience building, it’s crazy exciting to have them onboard.

Some comments from the CEO of Barunson co. Ltd

Kang Shin Bum, CEO of Barunson co. Ltd., is enthusiastic about the platform, stating

“The public is becoming much more familiar with VR technology. However, VR has so far provided only short and simple experiences and has failed to provide any sustainable value to end users. By partnering with Decentraland, we will be able to provide a perfect ‘Virtual + Reality’ experience, building the foundation for sustainable value for our end users.”

7. All The Other Community Builds Emerging from Decentraland

Every now and then some community members post epic builds are proposals that would make anyone excited in entering the world.

Like this Genesis Metro Draft by Mikey Dent


Or this Zen Garden by Lyall Pratt

Nycolas’s Dragon Obsession


And a lot more coming soon!

Every month there’s a ton of exciting updates. I’m sure, with all this noise, MANA or Decentraland will be a highly profitable investment for all.

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