A Complete Guide to Investing in Gods Unchained – Review and Explainer

What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a Strategy Based Card Game Built on the Blockchain similar to games like Hearthstone and MTG.

The cool thing about this project is that it’s built on the blockchain so every card can be traded online through NFT tokens! You can buy and sell and have complete ownership of your Gods Unchained Cards.

We’ve seen some cards go for up to $60,000 USD!

And over the last couple of months since trading has commenced, some cards have 2-3x’d in value!

Where did it all begin?

Gods Unchained kicked off their pre-sale in Mid 2018. The goal was to raise 33,333 ETH by selling Card Packs where each pack gave out 5 cards random cards with different chances of getting levels of rarities and shines.

The rarities were defined by the colored gems on the side of the card.

Buying a ‘legendary’ pack meant you’d get a guaranteed Legendary but the other cards would be minted based on the above chance.

The below pack open would have been extremely hard to get from just a common pack but more likely from a ‘shiny legendary’ pack at 1 eth where one legendary was a guaranteed a ‘shine’.


Along with the above rarity levels you could also randomly get a ‘shiny’ version of the above cards.

So you could get a Diamond Legendary which is EXTREMELY rare. This added an additional dimension to cards.

The presale lasted around 1.5 years and in that time 33,333 ETH was raised, (hard cap). During this time Gods Unchained continued pushing forward in BETA testing the game, growing their community and basically strengthening their footprint as one of the most promising card game on the blockchain.

End Of Presale

Once the presale ended, everyone’s cards were activated on the blockchain and on November 22nd, trading officially commenced. People could now buy, sell and trade their cards amongst each other.

What followed was crazy trading activity with 1,000’s of cards traded daily and $50,000+ days!

Some cards have gone for over 200 ETH!

These are mythic cards and there’s only 3-4 released a year. Extremely rare!

There are 377 cards to collect from the Original Genesis Set.

Gods Unchained Investor Opportunities

At the end of the presale a set amount of each card was sold based on how many were minted. For example, the card below has the stated number of each shine in circulation.

Overall there’s about 4,500 of this card out there in circulation. A limited amount that can be verified on the blockchain.

Gods Unchained held their presale for their Genesis Set. This is the first collection and has the novelty factor of the base set of any card trading game whether it be MTC, Yugioh or Pokemon.

All up, around 6-7 Million cards were sold. There will never be more cards of these types to be sold! In fact, when they allow fusing and evolving, the ability to fuse 5 of your cards to upgrade them to a higher shine and another feature that allows you to merge certain cards to unlock a brand new card, this 6-7 Million will heavily decrease!

So now, people are rushing to complete their collection, hold on to rare cards and buy popular or strong cards they can use in the game to win free packs, (not from the genesis set).

These above activities have pushed some card prices up from 3-4x their first listed price! All this in just under a couple of months.

It’s been crazy fun trying to pick up on and invest in cards that are going to move the most. Some tools like cardsunchained.com let us know which cards are being used a lot and are moving up the charts.

So how do you get involved as an investor?

First off, NFT investing is an extremely risky space just like everything else that falls under the crypto banner. Projects are new, still figuring out their bearings and have a LOT of growth required from them.

But this brings a lot of ‘high risk, high reward’ type opportunity if you are confident in a project.

My investment strategy with Gods Unchained has been to pick up cards that are going to go up in value in due time.

You can see volume of purchases by monitoring the ‘dots’ on the graphs of tokentrove, that tell you how many cards are being bought and how often.

Personally it makes sense to me to monitor highest movers and trending cards and match them up with meteorite versions of the cards that are being bought frequently like the above chart where 18 were bought at 0.0193 eth and these dots are daily which means every day there are people buying these cards.

It’s just a matter these will go up in value has supply decreases right?

There are also other assets such as Promo cards and ‘Chests’ that include 6 unopened genesis cards that you can’t buy anymore since the presale is over!

There is only a limited amount of each chest in circulation and every day people open them which reduces the supply!

These are personally one of my favorite investments as they’re like unopened booster packs of the original card sets for other card games like Pokemon, MTG, etc.

As you learn more about the game and get involved in discussion you will see more opportunities like when to invest in shines, trinkets and boards that are coming up.

This is the beauty of doing your research and being far ahead of most investors in spotting opportunity.

Is Gods Unchained a good Investment and Does it have potential?

I’ve put in over 100 Eth in Gods Unchained, mostly in the marketplace after the presale once we got a feel of pricing.

I feel many factors make this a good speculative investment. Below are the main dot points why.

  • Highly engaged community who are making a ton of content about the game. Not to mention GU and games in general have a great online streaming community.
  • Prize pool of $500,000 will have a lot of people competing and should generate a lot of buzz
  • Mythic titan sold for 146 Ether on auction and other 2 for 200+ Eth each. Goes to show that people will spend money on this.
  • Card Merging and collecting should take cards out of circulation which will slowly increase the price of cards on the marketplace.
  • Backed by Coinbase!
  • Closely based of Hearthstone, (gameplay, game design, etc). The Hearthstone subreddit has more followers than the whole cryptocurrency subreddit!
  • It’s cheap to get involved and buy some rare or common cards. You can still buy 100’s of cards for 0.001 Eth. I’m sure this will increase a lot more when investors start buying 1,000’s of cards.
  • They are bringing on the right minds like Chris Clay and are good at pushing marketing opportunities.
  • Played the game, it’s actually quite fun. Once this goes mobile we should see increased buy volume for cards.

I think there are only a handful of games being built on the blockchain that will actually amount to something. Gods Unchained in my opinion, will be one of them.

Team and Community

Gods Unchained is developed by Sydney based game studio, Immutable who I’ve watched create artistic and fun blockchain game experiences even before Gods Unchained.

They’ve worked hard in reaching out and bringing on the right minds.

Chris Clay, the Game Director for Gods Unchained has worked in game design and development for over 20 years including being the game director for Magic the Gathering!

Seeing the community grow and being the most active NFT Discord groups I’ve ever been part of is another promising indicator of this project.

The Gods Unchained discord boasts over 15,000 members and is growing at a fast rate.

Fuel Games, (The team behind the game), have seen investments by Coinbase and the likes,


Their moderators and community management team is always active and responsive for new members. It’s a great example of how to do it right.

Not to mention a great marketing mind that utilizes opportunities to push Gods Unchained out there to the masses.

Most recently, when Blizzard stripped one of their recent hearthstone players winnings. Gods Unchained tweeted this in response,

Over 10,000 Retweets and 30,000 likes, it was the perfect way to notify the Hearthstone community of Gods Unchained.

What’s Next on the Gods Unchained Roadmap

Gods Unchained is pushing to be a leader in the Competitive Card Game space and although it’s still extremely early days, they are well poised in getting there.

With blockchain based projects, it has taken a while to figure out the structural components and how to integrate them with gameplay.

Moving forward, with most of this figured out, it’s on the marketing and growing a user base.

Gods unchained is holding a tournament soon with the below prizepool amount.

10% of all presale $ raised was put towards this prizepool.

With tournaments and a heavy marketing push to look forward to, it’s the perfect time to get involved and invest in gameplay, (if you want to compete), or cards, (if you want to invest).

It’s going to be extremely exciting to see the NFT space develop. Some websites like nonfungible.com show rankings which gives me the feel of an early cryptocurrency ranking on coinmarketcap!

That’s it for this Gods Unchained Review! Hopefully it’s covered much of the main points for investors.

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