About Me

Hello and welcome to dclblogger.com!

In 2017 December, my Cryptocurrency portfolio went nuts. It was the peak of the bull run and refreshing BlockFolio every morning was an addiction.

Then came January and it all started going down hill FAST.

That’s when I started to look for ways to diversify and randomly stumbled upon Decentraland, a place where people were investing, buying and trading Digital Lands for $1,000’s!

Below are just some of the last 24 hours worth of sales.

It was crazy to me so I negotiated my way to buy some lands for around 6,000 MANA. The very next day I started to get offers of 6-8,000 MANA for each land!

That’s when I had a light bulb moment.

Here was a community of 100’s of people actively buying and selling digital items for a LOT of money.

I made this a full-time thing, wrote down ‘leads’ or people that had mentioned their land for sale on a spreadsheet and implemented a great negotiation strategy, following up and closing deals every now and then.

What followed was months and now 2 years of amazing deals and an income that eclipsed my full-time job. It didn’t make sense to go to Work where I could miss a deal that would make me 3-5 months worth of work $. There have been times I’ve sold lands for $10’s of thousands!

Decentraland was an introduction to future NFT marketplaces and showed me first hand how efficient digital assets will be traded on the blockchain.

It is just the beginning.

Be it a digital world like Decentraland, or Trading Cards on Gods Unchained, there WILL BE plenty more large marketplaces to discover and understand.

I initially started this blog to keep a log of my thoughts and learnings but it has quickly become a great place to learn about NFT Investing and connect with other entrepreneurs in the space.

Visit the home page to find out where to start or you can always reach out to me on Twitter or email, (dclbloggerx@gmail.com), for more direction.