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Aetheria District Project Guide Overview and Information | Explaining Decentraland Districts

The Aetherian District is the BIGGEST project in all of Decentraland.

It dwarfs almost all districts around it and is situated in a great location where there will be a ton of activity!

It also has the most community engagement as you can see on the initial proposal Github

What is Aetheria District?

Think of a futuristic city similar to Ready Player One, Fifth Element and any other book or movie that is based on a cyberpunk city set in the future.


A world with flying vehicles, large buildings, holographic messaging and everything in between. Basically, a really cool frkn pace to explore!

With such a big space to build on, (1,000m x 1,000m), Aetheria can really build a huge city with a variety of experiences.

Monetizing the world is not the primary focus of the core team. The first stage is to build a world that’s engaging and self developing with community members being excited about the project.

Then they aim to build a city centre members area referred to as ‘The Fractus’


The Fractus will be where events will be held. Be it singing concerts, dancing events, VR game tournaments and anything else the community can think of!

This will be the main source of revenue generation for the district as you will need to be a member to be part of this world.

Aetherian Stats

Aetherian project is the most active, well funded and exciting project in all of Decentraland. The stats below show why.

MANA Contributed: 3,000,000+

District Size, (parcels): 10,000+

Discord Community, (members): 300+

It’s good to see the project has the funding, community and district size available to be realized. The team are very capable. Priscila, the District lead was able to create this amazing video about Decentraland about a year back.

Very Impressive!

Aetherian Documentation

If you’re really interested in Aetheria and want to devour every piece of information out there then the below links should suffice.

From the initial start up plan to the pinterest board outlining aesthetics it’s all below!

Initial Proposal on Github

Aetheria Initial Development Plan

Aetheria Agora Planning Vote

Aetheria District Startup Plan

Aetheria Official Website

Aetheria Official Twitter

Aetherian Pinterest Board

Discord Chat


I, and many others in the whole of Decentraland are keeping a close eye on Aetherian. It’s very promising and one of the first places that will be interesting to explore once the world is out.

Decentraland are actively building and promoting a number of experiences within the whole world so along with Aetherian, there will be other VR games and experiences to look forward to in the world.

If you have any questions or are interested in contributing to Aetherian, don’t hesitate to join the discussion over at Discord.

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