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Artificial Intelligence Avatars Coming to Decentraland? How did I miss this!

While putting together my ‘Decentraland VS High Fidelity‘ article the other day, I came across an interesting reference by Metaverse Ventures, (A fund set up by DCG to support Products and Services built on Decentraland).

“The other investment is into a startup called Artie, which plans to develop AI-driven avatars for Decentraland visitors.” – futurism.com

wait what?

“a startup called Artie, which plans to develop AI-driven avatars for Decentraland visitors.”


Below is a video at what this could mean,

DCG own 1% of Bitcoin and they’ve mentioned in their blog posts that they’re bullish on Decentraland.

“Everybody who follows DCG knows that we’re extremely excited about Decentraland (you can read more about our thesis here). We own MANA and LAND, and have been actively exploring other initiatives to accelerate the development of the decentralized metaverse.” – DCG

With the builder contest attracting over 10,000 submissions and showing how awesome of an artistic and creative community is listening, I can’t help but think how awesome the content possibilities are within Decentraland.

Decentraland still have ~1,000 lands to giveaway through contests and development incentives so I’m sure there are plenty more competitions in the pipeline.

Maybe one that allows people to make custom models and add them to the builder? Or a custom avatar competition incorporating Artie’s engine!

I can totally see that happening.

Either way, Decentraland are moving towards making content creation and deployment on the platform easier. I think this is key.

Exciting times ahead!

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