Async Art – The $85k Art Piece Owned by 8 Different People!

Mind blown yet again.

Async Art is enabling a new paradigm of Art Ownership and Display.

Check out this piece, (‘The Last Supper’) that sold collectively for $85k USD, (366.4 ETH). Is that a record?

Can you believe this is a collaboration of multiple artists who’s individual contribution pieces are tokenized and can be individually owned and displayed among the master piece.

Master Piece is owned by user ‘MetaKovan’ which sold for 103.4 ETH alone!

The 13 Artists that Contributed.

How Does it Work

The Master is made of different layers.

The Master is tokenized and so are the different layers.

Each layer can be changed based on the parameters the original artist sets,


You can see each layers ownership being auctioned on Async Art



Ownership of layers means you can change and infuence the final piece.


Master Piece is owned by user ‘MetaKovan’ who seems to own some layers too. You can see how you can change the final piece.

Heres a couple of write ups about the Async Art Project

The Future of Crypto Art and Metaverse Projects

Cryptovoxels has become quite popular with Crypto Art. You see it everywhere and artists are help shaping the world.

I held an art meetup in my Gallery in Decentraland about a week ago.

Imagine if this art can be updated daily?

The one thing that’s lacking currently in these virtual worlds is the dynamic of having something new to explore daily.

Once you visit a location, it most likely stays the same for a while and there’s not enough consistent developers that makes exploring exciting every day.

Obviously this will change as the platform grows and attracts more people.

But imagine with Async Art if  the Master piece can be continuously changed. Imagine there being 100-200 different Master Art pieces in a gallery that can be displayed and changed dynamically, every day would be different!

Imagine it being International Womens Day, or Independence day or any other day that can be represented within Decentraland and on that day, we could have Async Art Layer owners change their art to represent this day within the final piece/master.

And display it an art gallery within Decentraland or Cryptovoxels that people can explore that changes daily!

Isn’t that a crazy thought?

The NFT space is growing at a WILD rate and as more developers get involved, it will continue to evolve at a pace too fast to keep up with.

The art space has caught my attention recently and I will be exploring these advancements as they come.

A couple more articles about the Async Art Project,

Crypto Artists Bring Collaborative Art to New Heights

Programmable Art Designed to Evolve on Ethereum? Meet the Async Art Project

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