Axie Infinity Land Sale | Another Virtual Land Economy with a Bright Future

Axie Infinity, (a partner of Decentraland), have been on my watch list this whole year. I’ve made an article about them earlier this year, you can read it here.

Basically, they’re taking digital pet ownership to another level.

Breeding, battling, trading on blockchain and now owning land within the Axie World where your Axie’s can live, participate in quests and all kinds of activities.

Axie Infinity Land Sale

The land sale kicked off 2 days ago where you could buy a land within the Axie World called Lunacia. You can buy them here. (Referral Link).

What can you do with your Land?

Straight from the Axie Infinity website,

“Lunacia is divided up into tokenized plots of land, called Terra, which can be purchased, rented out, and developed by players.

Landholders can upgrade and customize their territory to host shops, Chimera summoning beacons, produce resources, house NPC’s, and even act as access points for dungeons!

Independent developers, content creators, and companies will be able to seamlessly build on top of Lunacia using clickable wormholes as a launchpad for this content. The possibilities are infinite!”


You can buy 4 types of chests that will give you a random land within the map depending on which chest you buy.

This is the first of four phases for the land sale. Each phase will take place within each quarter of the year.

Phase 1 – Q1, Phase 2 – Q2, etc,

For each phase ~17,000 lands will be up for grabs, (1/4 of the map).

The cheapest land plot are Savannah Chests, at ~0.05 eth a piece, they’re pretty low barrier to entry.

Although these have been completely sold out as I write this post, a new set will be up for grabs in Phase 2, Q2.


My Investment So Far

I’ve invested just over 10 ETH for this land sale. These are my lands,

With each chest purchase giving you a chance to get a Genesis plot, (black broken line around the red centre), my investment strategy was to diversify.

I ended up buying,

  • 5 ETH of Savannah Chests
  • 3 ETH of Forest Chests
  • 2 ETH of Arctic Chests
  • 1 Mystic Chest

I am most interested in the land marketplace and how the land economy will evolve. As these are trade-able tokens like Decentraland Land!

In saying that, I have some decent land plots. Touching a river, a couple of roads, spawn points and a large block of 100 pieces pretty close to a large spawn point.

For this reason, I’m also heavily interested in how the game will take form. What people will be doing within the world, etc.

With each chest you also get 10 items that range from common to mystic. These were also assigned a number based on who found them first.

I was able to find 3 items at #1!!!

And a number 10 mystic isn’t too bad either,

I have plenty below #10 which might count for something if 1,000’s of these items are uncovered.

Current State of the Land Sale

At the time of writing this, 1,885 ETH has been spent on Lunacia Land.

There is not much land left, here is the latest, (although a bit outdated), map of land ownership.

I’d give it another 2 weeks tops for all the land to sell out from Phase 1. If this happens, it’s a BIG sign as to how successful this game might actually be.

To buy some Axie Infinity Land go here -> Buy Land


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