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Best Cryptocollectibles to Invest in 2018 – A Quick Beginners Guide and Year Recap

Cryptocollectibles are moving fast, especially in 2018.

What started off with Cryptokitties congesting the whole Eth network in December of 2017, became a realization among many game developers that people can go crazy about digitizing collectibles and there is real value in digital assets.

But now, with 100’s of cryptocollectibles in the works, many seem to be cash grabs but among all this there seems to be some that are really attempting to change the world.

I’m going to try sift through the mud and talk about a few gems I believe are here to stay and why.

Note, everything in crypto should be taken with 10 grains of salt. This article should serve as one of many reading materials or guides you should consume before deciding to invest in the below!

First, What is a ‘Crypto-Collectible and Why Should I Pay Attention?’

Ever collected cards as a kid? Maybe marbles or McDonalds toys or even books? Almost everyone did at some point. There was a desire to own a complete set of something you were interested in.

Like Pokemon cards. Oh man, was I obsessed with those! I loved owning my set and still have them in my garage somewhere, stored away and shown on occasion to people when they come over.

Now, with blockchain, companies are releasing finite numbers of certain collectibles that are just as fun, (if not more), to collect and trade!

Blockchain and Ethereum contracts allow for trades, security and the ability to verify that there IS actually a limited amount of certain collectibles available.

The result? People paying $1,000’s, in some cases 100’s of thousands to own cryptocollectible they can hold in their wallet and potentially do things with within the game it was built in.

6 Cool Crypto – Collectibles in 2018 you should keep an eye on

My analysis below is based on my experience with the game, the activity and hype within the community, looking at the credentials of the creators, consistent daily sales volume, the joy of playing the game and owning certain assets and basically an overall judgement of the game.

They are not in any particular order.

1 – Decentraland

Decentraland aims to create a world similar to Ready Player One, Snow Crash, and the like.

You can own 10m x 10m parcels/lands within a huge world with projects and games being developed in VR.

Here’s the map below,

Lands can be built in the green area, some connected to roads, some connected to certain districts, (blue areas), some connected to the centre genesis plaza where traffic is expected to be the highest!

Just like real world properties, these virtual properties have value based on location and size. Each parcel is a small pixel on the overall map. Click here to navigate the decentraland map.

People are building all kinds of epic content on their plots! Whether it’s independent developers just building in their room or full gaming companies building a branch of their game in VR, check them out below!

Etheremon & Decentraland Partnership

Independent Projects

Shoutout to @acl_crypto who has created a down right, EPIC mansion.

You can check out his crypokitty collection,



Browse the internet


Or even stream tv channels!!!

What Makes Decentraland a Strong pick is that they have been doubling cryptokitties sales volume for the past few months consecutively.

People are paying $1,000’s every day on Virtual lands.

You can flip for profit, buy and hold or rent or do all kinds of things. It’s virtual, so the limitations are endless.

These are just todays sales.

That’s almost $10,000 worth of revenue and we aren’t even past midday.

The world currency, (MANA), fluctuates between position 90 and 70 on coin market cap. The top 100 is always a good place to be, contending successfully with other top cryptocurrency projects.

They are also on-boarding a ton of other strong crypto projects to come build their games on in VR. The likes of Etheremon, Axie Infinity and many other games and game developers have joined giving it a stronger chance to be around for a very long time.

2 – Gods Unchained

A trading card game built on the blockchain with a tournament where you can potentially win $1.6Million?

Sounds pretty cool huh? That’s what the folks at gods unchained are up to.

You can buy decks of cards that give you 5 random cards. Similar to buying a booster pack for Pokemon cards.

Click Here to Buy Gods Unchained Card Packs


There are 380 different cards to collect, each with their own unique moves and powers that can be used on the battlefield.

Here are a few of my cards.


Soon, the marketplace will open and trading will commence. There will be people scrambling to complete their set of cards!

There are 2 ‘mythic cards’ that are yet to be discovered in the packs and 1 still to be disclosed on how to get it. One mythic card was sold for close to 150 Eth via auction!

Only 1 mythic card was auctioned, the rest are hidden within the card packs.

The game has similar gameplay and art work to Hearthstone.

The Hearthstone subreddit has more reddit followers than the whole cryptocurrency subreddit. Goes to show that the industry is huge and the potential for this game to take of is big.

They have strong partners and investors. Coinbase being one of them!

It will be exciting to see how this game progresses as the community is mega hyped and eagerly awaiting the marketplace and tournament.

3 – CryptoKitties

There’s something about cats that make people go crazy.

Exhibit A, Cryptokitties.


Cryptokitties made headlines within the Crypto industry of them ‘breaking the eth network’ by having so much trading and transactional activity happening at a given time. This was a statement that showed the popularity of the game and the crypto collectible industry as a whole.

You would think the hype is over right?

Nope. There are still 1000’s of kitties being sold every week!

Almost $10,000 USD being transacted daily. The value would be more but eth has fallen so much since all time high.

What makes Cryptokitties a keeper is that they were the first to create a loud bang and have everyone hear it.

Their kitties are now held by 10’s of thousands of players who own a piece of history. A kitty from the first every blockchain game.

They even have their own app that comes pre-installed with HTC phones!

4 – Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity have to go down as having one of the most beautiful Designs in all of blockchain games thus far.

The concept?

Think of a Tamagotchi and Pokemon hybrid.

Collect, Breed, take care of, battle and grow mythical fantasy creatures called ‘Axies’.

They come with randomized parts which can be evolved and upgraded in battle.

Many features such as battling and caring for your Axie’s are yet to be finalized and released but are currently being tested.

Soon you will be able to own Terrariums to take care of your Axie’s on!

Axie Infinity are expected to have a collaboration with Decentraland in the near future allowing them to battle in VR!

What makes this project exciting is that people are paying some big amounts for their Axie’s.

There aren’t that many available on the marketplace, (you can only buy them from the marketplace at the moment), and once these are all bought up, the valuations of these Axie’s will be pretty high!

Especially the original ones that were only released pre-launch.

Almost $5,000 USD has been spent on Axie’s in the last 24 hours! Crazy to think people are so into their crypto-collectibles.

There is still a lot of room for growth for Axie Infinity especially considering many of their features have not released yet. They are still in the very early stages of development but seem to be taking their time to fine tune the design and gameplay. A good decision in my opinion.

5 – Etheremon

Etheremon was my first crypto-game that introduced me to Blockchain Gaming.

I was obsessed with Pokemon so being able to catch and battle creatures similar to Pokemon was very nostalgic!

Gen 0 Etheremon were released in presale and are unbreedable making them the only mons of their kind! I have bought a bunch of gen 0’s and plan to hold for a long time. As every new player buys up a bunch of Etheremon, they become more and more rare.

You can enter them into battles, go on adventures and sell them back on the marketplace once you have some strong Etheremons!

Decentraland and Etheremon entered a partnership a few months ago and have been hard at work creating a battle arena for their players to enter and participate.

There is much to be explored in the blockchain gaming world and it’s good to know collaborations between capable games are there to catalyze the growth of this branch of crypto.

6 – MLB Crypto

An actual partnership with MLB?

There are articles stating that Lucid Gaming have announced a partnership with MLB to bring the two worlds together!

Check this news piece from sports.yahoo for the official partnership source.

It seems like a great concept. Baseball cards were a big thing back in the day so there definitely is a proven model for collecting Baseball related items.

What exactly do you do here and how does it work?

From their website,

‘Every game of MLB Crypto Baseball is tied to a live MLB game in real time. Your figures will earn stats based on how well they perform in each MLB game. The better your teams and players perform in a live MLB game, the more your figures will improve.’

‘To play MLB Crypto Baseball follow these steps:

  • Head to the Marketplace and purchase an MLB Crypto Baseball figure.
  • Coming soon, you’ll be able to create a roster under the “Gameplay” page with your owned figures.
  • You’ll be able to place each figure on your roster onto the appropriate position of the Playfield.
  • Once set, you’ll pay a gas fee (a low transaction fee that typically costs a couple of cents) to lock your figures in place.
  • Figures automatically play in every live game that their real-world MLB team is playing in, and they’ll receive stats in real-time from the corresponding players.
  • If your team wins, you have a chance of generating a brand new figure!’

Now, I’m no baseball fan so I can’t really relate to the hype but there has been a crazy amounted of transacted value in the last few days!

According to cryptobit, they’re almost tripling Cryptokitties and are ranked first by weekly volume!

839 Ethereum in the last week, that’s over a quarter of a million dollars!

Big money.

The concept seems fun and I can see the same thing happening for other sports once partnerships are formed.

People are spending quite a lot of money on individual players,

Looking at the contract, sales are happening quite frequently

What makes this one really interesting is the partnerships with MLB themselves! That means a lot of support and push once marketing begins. Will be great for game investors and crypto in general.

The MLB followship is huge in America. One quick look at their twitter account boasting 8Million+ twitter fans confirms this.

For the partnership reasons alone they’ve made this list even thought they’re fairly new.


Blockchain Gaming is moving at a fast pace. The cool thing is that not only can you collect things like cards, figurines, lands, etc, but you can do different things with them such as enter them in competition, trade, sell, showcase and everything else that comes with blockchain.

Crypto and Gamers do a great job to list and keep on top of all the games coming out built on blockchain technology. It’s worth bookmarking these guys!

It’s an important space to follow for any crypto enthusiast!

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