Best Deals in Decentraland in October – Week 1 | Market Analasis

I had stopped doing these types of blog posts since I’ve come back from Turkey but I’m going to continue with them because they are a useful resource for new investors.

I’ll be going through the last 7 days of land selling history and will be highlighting those that were great deals for buyers. The mana and USD value is what they were sold for.

Please note that good deal prices continuously vary depending on Marketplace conditions and intuition for what good deals are can only be built participating in discussions and following decentraland Marketplace land sales.

Single road parcels outside of the -50,50 co-ordinates, (outside of the city centre), can be sold for 15-20k MANA so picking them up for anything under this price is a great buy!

The above parcel sold for 11,000 MANA, a great buy! I think it can be sold for 17k.

Single road parcels within -50,50 co-ordinates can be sold for 25-50k MANA so the below were a great buy and should be able to be sold for at least double the price.

These parcels were sold way below market price. Considering the cheapest parcel on Decentraland is around 12,000 MANA, (and that’s at the edge of the map!), these parcels that are in the midst of a ton of districts should be able to sell for around 14-20k MANA.


Lastly, we have this parcel that is connected to Vegas District. It’s tough to pick up any parcels directly connected to this district let alone one that’s around the 30k MANA mark!

This should be able to sell for 45k MANA at least.

There were quite a few good land deals last week, none of these were mine, (I buy from private deals).

It’s great to start on the marketplace for new investors and as you gain experience you can participate in private deals.

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