Best Decentraland Land Deals | January Week 2

Although the market has slowed down since the second auction, there is still plenty volume for those that are willing to price their lands right.


In this post, I go through the last 7 days of lands sales to see if there were any standout deals.

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I use two websites for this, and, both are great.

Cheapest Lands – Current Bottom

It’s always good to take note of what the cheapest parcels are at any given time. The cheapest parcels on the market are between 9-10,000 MANA.

In terms of fiat, that’s about $400USD, pretty cheap compared to how much you would have paid 2-3 months ago.

With this in mind, if you can get land for less than 9,000 MANA, it’s a safe bet. Best thing to do is to try negotiate with sellers to take a lot of land off them for less than 9,000 MANA.

If you can help them liquidate a lot of land they’ll give you a good price.

Great Estate Deals

This large estate has been chopped into much smaller 12×12’s.

If you were quick, you could have snapped up a bargain.

Within 50-50 cordinates, lands connected to double roads here sell for 30-50k MANA. So 12 piece estates connected to roads would be around 350-500k depending on location.

There were 3-5 12 piece estates here that sold for 150-180k MANA, (12.5-15k MANA a piece!)

You can see these same estates were sold a couple days later for 250-300k! A quick profit for those that saw value in the deal.


Even though this buyer bought it for more expensive than the first buyer, it’s still a great deal. Getting a 12 piece estate for around 25k MANA per piece is a decent price in this area.

Golden Pocket

This pocket between District X, Fashion Street and Virtual Reality Shopping District has a lot of value. Lands here go for 25-60k MANA.

There was a great 24 piece estate that just sold recently connected to District X.

I would value this at 800-1,200k MANA, (35-50k/piece). I’ve seen land go for this as individuals so as an estate it’s actually worth much more.

A pretty good find for the buyer.

Lastly, we have this 4 piece connected to a Genesis Plaza.

Genesis Plaza connected land is rare and as more and more come off the marketplace, they’ll only get rarer. This perfect 4 piece sold for 200,000 MANA. That’s 50k/piece.

Not an amazing deal but pretty good for a long term play.

Cryptocollectible Volume

Out of the handful of blockchain games doing decent volume, Decentraland is still miles ahead. In the last 7 days, the fiat transactions of top games have been,

Decentraland: ~$300,000

Cryptokitties: $76,284

Axie Infinity: $7,531

Etheremon: $4,293

It’s always good to see Decentraland volume being so high on a consistent basis.

As Decentraland focus on Marketing and bringing more developers to the platform this year, we should see a lot of new eyeballs and new investors in time.

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