Best Land Deals in Decentraland November Week 3 | Market Analysis

Another week of land sales! How did we go?


Land sales have been down over the last 3 to 4 weeks ever since there has been word of the second land auction.

People have been holding on to their MANA in hopes of picking up a good deal in the next land auction.

This is what I’m doing unless I get a really good deal on the marketplace.

That being said, we have still had plenty of good deals over the last week and I’ll talk about it in this blog post.

First, a disclaimer,

– land valuations continue to change depending on Market conditions so if you are watching this video 3 weeks after it’s release then land valuations mentioned may not be applicable. Make sure you watch the most recent land valuation videos of mine.

Best deals of the Week

Just as I setup to make this video one of the best deals probably of the month happened. This land right here, one of the best seats in the house connected to central genesis Plaza sold for 100,000 MANA.


Now, considering the original buyer bought this for well over 200,000 MANA it was a damn good deal to pick it up for 100,000.

I feel buying land in decentraland at a great price is more a game of patience than anything.

It’s a combination of knowing exactly when to strike and that comes with knowing your land valuations. The quicker you can do the math in your head and know that you’re getting a good deal the quicker you can pull the trigger and make the purchase.

That’s why there is no substitute to spending a lot of time being ‘in the know’ of Decentraland activities and understanding land valuations by following and participating in Discord chats.

I was able to buy this 26 piece estate for an awesome price of 300,000 MANA. There’s even a double road and district connection!

That works out to be ~11,500 MANA a land.

Lands that are surrounded by districEven if I can average 15,000 MANA sale per land that’s about 90,000 MANA profit. I’m sure I can get more however as I’ve already sold 6 pieces for over 15,000 MANA, (the double road connection sold for 35,000 MANA alone!).

The Decentraland sign is always a hot place. Lands connected to these roads are worth around 20,000 MANA. There were a couple sold for around 10,000 MANA which should be an easy double price flip!

This 21 piece estate sold for ~185,000 MANA. A pretty good price considering you can expand it in the second auction.

Estates are going to be very rare properties to find and sought after by big players with lots of money in their pockets once Decentraland ramp up their marketing.

Current Best Deals on Decentraland Land Market Place

Let’s now look at some of the best deals for sale/listed on the market place

Of course these deals are all Subject to opinion but my reasons for noting them are that they are the cheapest and in decent locations.

Also, note that the BEST deals get picked up in seconds, literally, so the best I can find at the time of making these videos are ‘good’ or ‘fair’ prices. It is ALWAYS better to negotiate a better price by contacting the seller than buying from the marketplace.

Cheapest Single Road Parcel in Decentraland. Under Fashion Street,

Cheapest Double Road, also connected to a large district!


A great 4 piece estate Only 8-10 spots away from Centre Genesis Plaza

Within a bunch of a districts and under 13,000 MANA

Unfortunately land, like any other crypto token is tied to Bitcoin so it usually is effected by the down swings.

That being said, the lower MANA goes, the more affordable land becomes so if you’re interested in increasing your MANA or BTC stack it’s still a win!

If you have enjoyed this post/video please share and leave a comment. It lets me know what I should focus on with this blog.

Good luck!


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