Best of Decentraland Series – November Week 3 | Second Land Auction, Battle Racers and Reddit AMA!

I’m going to start a new series today. I’ll be covering updates, and general progress that decentraland have made both as a core team and as a community.

I’m hoping to do this every week but we’ll see how we go.

Reddit AMA with Esteban, (Tech Lead – Decentraland)

This week we saw a lot of questions that the Decentraland community have had for a while attempted to be answered. Mostly because the second option is coming up and it’s important for everyone to know what’s going on that being said there were some mixed sentiment about the reddit AMA and a lot of the answers that came from it.

It was good to see Esteban come out and have a direct commitment to answer some of our questions as they definitely were many.

Here are some of the interesting answers that came from the questions it’s always best to check out the post yourself.

Q: Why the sudden change and urgency around the 2nd auction? Being able to vote between a couple of pre-selected choices doesn’t really seem like having any real say in what happens.

A: “When is the second Auction” was the number 1 inbound question in our Discord and Intercom (the tool we use to gather feedback from the Marketplace).

We felt that the community wanted it, so we posted that question in Agora to validate it. We apologize for the framing of the question, we should have added an option to “delay indefinitely” and we’re learning from the process. We’re overall very happy with how Agora is raising the bar and improving our decision making process.


Will the scene limitations on triangles textures and stuff be lifted higher over time as general hardware improves?

es. Our policy has always been that it’s better to be very restrictive at the beginning and start relaxing the rules, which maximizes forward compatibility. We’re about to drop the logarithmic limits on entities and triangles, but we’ll keep the logarithmic height limitations for the time being.


Q: Based on all the partnerships (and world tours since December 2017) and those who are contributing to DCL on their own time, whats a conservative estimate on the people that are helping to develop the current alpha version? 50? 100? 500+?

A: The most conservative: we’ve got 100+ weekly unique SDK developers that choose to share their anonymized usage stats. We ask our partners not to do this to make sure it’s all “inbound”.

This is a sample of this past week:

Weekly stats (Last 7 days):

Signups to SDK mailing list: 1153

Activated Developers: 46

Active developers: 116

There were plenty more questions asked. I urge everyone who hasn’t read the AMA to read it here. Interview

We also had the team come out and do an interview with Some really interesting information was revealed.

Tell us about your team and what projects you have worked on before Decentraland?

At the moment, the entire Decentraland team includes about 40 members distributed globally! The Marketing team is comprised of 8 people, including a data scientist, technical writer, content writers, and marketing analysts. We also have specific members of the team dedicated to our Korean and Chinese communities.

Sounds like you’re becoming a DAO.

Yes, our ambition is to one day make Decentraland a fully decentralized and autonomous organization, but to build a DAO you need a lot of building blocks at first. You need to build foundations and provide the infrastructure for the DAO to grow and flourish without centralized influence — that’s why we are here.

Will the users have to have a VR headset?

No, they will be able to explore the world using almost any device they have, whether it be their mobile phone, desktop, or laptop.

Again..there were many more questions asked, it’s best to read the interview in full.

Second Land Auction

The second land auction is by far the most anticipated event the community is waiting for.

It’s scheduled to start in the 2nd week of December which would be the 8th? And run for 2 weeks. There was a great blog post explaining the way the auction will take place.

It will be a reverse Dutch auction starting at 200,000 MANA per parcel. In the first day the price will come down to 100,000 MANA. Second day, 50,000 MANA and then by 3,000 MANA everyday after that till it reaches 1,000 MANA. Refer to the graph below.


Game Partnerships

Battle Racers

A game called Battle Racers by Altitude games was recently announced on the Decentraland Platform!

Altitude games look like a very capable team especially when you refer to the work they are doing with Battle Racers.

It totally gives me a Mario Kart vibe. You can build, battle and trade your racer on the blockchain! Very cool.

Looks like you can verse each other in a 4 player battle.

They’ve made games that have been quite successful. The below game has 1M+ downloads on Android!


It’s great to see high caliber developers make their way to Decentraland to try it out. There’s a big community here ready to play and try out these experiences!

Crypto Carz

These guys aren’t new but I haven’t covered them and they deserve a mention.

I have to admit their designs look pretty damn cool and I have car fanatic friends that will go crazy for these.

I’m looking forward to how different game developers once in Decentraland can learn off each other and continue to build different experiences!



There’s been plenty progress at Decentraland which is always good to see.

But my most anticipated event, like I mentioned will be the second auction. I have a strategy laid out and hopefully I’ll make a lot of money or at least acquire a lot of valuable digital land.

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