Buying and Selling Etheremon for Profit | A 1.5 Ethereum quick flip!

I was interested in making money with Etheremon before they had their partnership with Decentraland.

I always get interested in DApps that have a smoothe interface, a community and an idea based off a game or project that has already seen success.

Etheremon is like Pokemon but on the blockchain.

You can catch, (buy), trade, battle, evolve and do all kinds of things with them.

They are released in stages, with gen 0 being the first ever release, only available during the ICO stage.

Since then there has been 4 other generation releases, we are currently in the 4th.

Gen 0 Will NEVER be released again

Gen 0 mons will never be released again. You can’t hatch them and were only be able to buy them during the ICO’s.

The ‘total count’ number is the total amount of etheremons of this type available.

So this particular one is called ‘Baulder’ and there were only 82 caught or ‘bought’ during the ICO.

The cheapest one at the moment is 2 Ethereum!

There are other etheremon bought during the ICO that were bought more often for example these Dilloom’s

A whole 419 are in the world! There’s about 50 or so on the market place but eventually these will get bought and held on to by investors.

The one I made money off is Pangrass.

This was a trade I did a while ago now but I didn’t have my blog.

294 in the world available but because they’re so cute and people love pandas they’re selling for around 0.4 onwards.

I randomly stumbled upon a Pangrass that had a couple of eggs attached to it.

You can hatch these eggs, (you’ll just hatch the same etheremon).

But the cool thing is that I basically hatched 2 x 0.4 eth.

One Pangrass just so happened to be the strongest in the whole game! With a base battle power of 126 I listed it for 1.5 eth and it sold!

Now I think I sold it too cheap but money is money and I can reinvest it somewhere else!

The Future of Etheremon

Etheremon has partnered with Decentraland with the teams working on incorporating the game within the Decentraland world!

Check this out,

Cool huh?

The 3D modelling has me pretty excited for some long term holds.


Kahukel’e on Decentraland from r/etheremon


I think you can’t go wrong if you buy a bunch of the cheap Gen 0’s which are selling for around 0.05 – 0.10 Eth and hold on to them till Decentraland is up and running.

There is definitely money to be made trading these though!

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