Chainbreakers raise almost 700,000 MANA in the First 3 Days for their ‘Exclusive to Decentraland’ Game Releasing in April 2019.

In this post I would like to cover the new virtual reality game launching on Decentraland, Chainbreakers.


I usually do not get involved in games unless I see a good amount of volume.

Chainbreakers has raised almost 700,000 MANA in just a few days of launching their crowd sale!

Notice how I said they raised MANA and not Ethereum?

As a large investor in Decentraland in both MANA and land it’s great to see a game launching exclusively on Decentraland holding their pre-sale in MANA! A great new utility for the coin.

Chainbreakers is definitely not the first game title to partner with the Decentraland. There are at least another 10 to 20 game experiences coming out but they are the first to hold their funding round in MANA which is what makes it an exciting game to participate in.

What is Chainbreakers?

The game is about leading a rebellion against a cruel government with your team in an RPG game set in Ancient Greece.

Player’s can team up and train up their units by sending them in quests.

These quests can be held on the lands of private land owners in decentraland! Meaning if you own any Lands, you can host quests and gain a percentage of money spent within that quest!

I personally love how chain breakers have thought deeply on how to bring the Decentraland community together to give utility to both land and Mana.

As a Land Owner with 4 primed estates read for some content, this gives me, a non developer, the chance to not only have content on my land but potentially host a game on it with profit share!

Presale Info

It’s great to see that all of their epic weapons have already been sold out!

You can choose from legendary, epic, rare, uncommon, common weapons to give your player stats boosts and a roll in your team. Check their marketplace.

Their legendary weapons are on a reverse Dutch auction and it will be interesting to see what price they will sell at. Personally I think they will go in the tens of thousands of Mana.

Their weapon designs look amazing and gives excitement to people that are waiting to play the game.

A quick look at their road map shows they are expecting to release the alpha in April 2019.

There are plenty of cheap weapons you can buy to make sure you can participate.

Chainbreakers are just one of the many titles releasing on decentraland. There are about another 10 to 15 games being released. do a great job in showcasing 5 more Decentraland game titles coming up.

I hope many other games will hold their pre sales in MANA as it will continue to give a strong utility and use case for the coin.

Excited to see how chain breakers do at the end of their presale.

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