CoinFest Crushes Borders and Brings Their Global Event Virtual. The First Conference Event in Decentraland.

CoinFest, the Annual gathering of Crypto Enthusiast has held meetups World Wide since 2013.

Conferences have run run simultaneously in countries such as Nigeria, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada and more!




With most people forced to be at home, CoinFest 2020 took place in Decentraland!

Virtual Worlds like Decentraland are ripe to hold conference meetups. It makes sense to hold a Decentralized Meetup in a Decentralized Virtual World right?

From March 30th to April 4th, people flocked to some of the best sights in Decentraland to see what the Virtual World had to offer.

From dancing in SugarClub

To checking out what virtual pets can look like,

the CoinFest crowed moved across different scenes giving Crypto Twitter a taste of what the world can do!

The event was a mashup of projects coming together to share what they’re all about., Geocoin, Cryptanthropy, Chain Guardians, Ethermon, all were part of the fun.

The last day was a conference in Conference Centre District where projects talked about what they’ve been working on.

Many new relationships were formed, from devs and designers to event organizers, CoinFest showed how important it is to connect virtually and how easy it can be done with the right support.

Often when projects come together, the distributed value is multiplied.

The NFT Metaverse World were able to see how CoinFest operated. Did you know anyone can host a CoinFest event? Whether it’s CryptoVoxels, Decentraland or any other Virtual World, the events are Decentralized in that they can be held by anyone, anywhere as long as crypto payments are the only form of transactions.

Distributed, Open source and Crypto!

Projects within Decentraland like SugarClub received ample tips as passer by’s tipped 3,300 MANA and 0.5 Eth for the scene using the tip box. How cool!

With Decentraland launching just 2 months ago, scene builders earning an income and their online efforts being incentivized is a BIG deal! Imagine once we are getting 10-100x the traffic flow, projects that can stand out and pull the crowds can become some serious business models.

SugarClub also sells exclusive art on opensea.


It was a pleasure to help host and bring CoinFest to Decentraland. Many friendships were formed and connections made to hopefully continue holding CoinFest events in Decentraland.

There are still plenty features to be added to Decentraland to help facilitate better conferences and meetups. This is just the beginning!

If you would like to host events in Decentraland get in touch with me –

You don’t need land, just a great idea and the resources to put it together.

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