DCLCore’s First Event – Crypto Virtual Fashion Show! How Did it Turn Out?

At 11pm Saturday Night, Decentralanders flocked to the Grand Theatre to participate in a Virtual Fashion Show Like no Other.

This was the first event organized under the DCL Core Banner. Follow our Twitter.

This is an effort from some community members to push Virtual events in Decentraland.

We needed to get sponsors, get judges, push marketing and confirm numbers and it was weirdly just as exhaustive as a real world event!

So how did we go?

We started pushing the event on Twitter 5 Days ago, getting 44.6k Impressions!

Our highest engaged tweet was this one with around 300 engagements!

This resulted in 184 visitors in the 2-3 hour period, (before, during and after party), and 79 peak users.

Stats from: Kyllian LE BORGNE ROPERCH (HPrivakos)

The multi graphs show multiple servers. Decentraland servers currently maxes at 50 people, (It should have been 100).

Once we can increase these limits, the events will be even more crazy!


Judge Collabs: It was great to have judges from different projects involved. This way they were able to get more of a taste of Decentraland AND hopefully people within Decentraland were able to learn of the judges projects.

We had Josie, Whaleshark, Andrew Stenwold, AxieGG and Shibu, each a respected member in their community come share what they’re working on in the Discord Voice Channel.

Twitter Awareness: The Twitter storm that follows Metaverse events is awesome. Having everyone tweet and retweet the event brought in a lot of people.

Organizing Efficiency: As our first event, with 6 people working to help make this happen, we had a lot of help but it was STILL quite exhausting.

Moving forward we’ve figured out what works and cut down the extra work so in time, should have more frequent events.

Wearables Awareness: Being a competition based on wearables, there was a lot of awareness of how cool certain wearables looked and how they worked. We saw an uptick in the wearables market as people picked up what they saw and liked.

Up almost 90%!

Running Smooth: For a lot of us, after the initial load, chat and moving around was relatively ok. Compared to launch there has been massive technical improvements making events like these possible.

It can only get bigger and better from here.

Turnout: Being the first event, we had a pretty big turnout. Got retweets from larger players in the space including Barry Silbert and Decentraland themselves! It was great to see the coverage and support.

Not to mention 184 people logged in within the 2-3 hour span of the events. Awesome!

In game Tips: Helping support our scene creators is integral to Decentralands success, these events bring in tips which keeps them motivated. We received some generous tips so thank you to all that did.


Not everything ran perfectly, we had our fair share of challenges.

Lack of direction: Next time we will Audio Stream IN DCL so we can direct people to do different things as opposed to the small few that joined the Discord audio. Anorak did a great job in Discord chat but people that didn’t have audio access/weren’t on Discord needed to be directed with chat.

I think this is a big deal as we can eventually get some celebrity hosts, maybe have comedy nights and more.

Server Kick Out: DCL is hosted on multiple servers, (a part of the Decentralization process as it can’t be shutdown anymore!), and so when a server gets full, (50 people), it kicks new entrants to another server. This will be relaxed soon so expect even more craziness.

Discord Audio: This was pretty funny. We had multiple people not mute their mic so were hearing all sorts of things. From arguments with their parents to going to the toilet..yes, that happened. It added to the entertainment at least.


It was a great event. There far more wins than challenges. Challenges can be and will be fixed easy. Along with some smoother on-boarding which should make for an even bigger turnout.

Our next event is going to be just as fun! We have something in the pipeline that we’re excited about 😉


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