Decentraland and Gods Unchained Analysis – January Third Week

Another Analysis Video, these are my favorite types of videos to produce.

I’m going to touch upon Gods Unchained and Decentraland as usual along with a little SuperRare and Cryptovoxels. There are some games showing decent consistent volume I have to respect and bring them into these analysis vids!

There are some serious contenders for the top 5 spots. It’s great to see them all somewhat close and growing!

(opensea rankings)


I always start with checking the cheapest Decentraland Land Parcels.

We’re pretty much at 15,000 MANA cheapest lands! About 5 left that are 14,500 – 14,999.

I tweeted this just over 2 weeks ago.

There’s been HEAPS of sales over the last 2-3 weeks in the 10 -20k MANA range. Looks like lots of new investors buying their entry Land.

At this rate Decentraland might reach a 15-20k MANA floor. Even 20k MANA seems near considering there’s only 3-4 pages under 20k MANA.

The risk to this is if MANA spikes high more than it has previously. Hypothetically, if we go to $1 I can see people suddenly listing for less than 10,000 MANA. I mean, when you’re sitting on $10k USD it’s an easier decision to sell.

Decentraland Launch Collection NFT’s

Decentraland have mentioned there will be a ‘launch collection’ of NFT’s that we, as a community can contribute suggestions to.

There have been a ton of suggestions already. From Alien Helmets to TRex Costumes.

If yours is selected than you will get some for free!

I never cared much about Decentraland Wearable’s but since the volume is starting to contend with some other projects in the space, I thought a little deeper into it.

And Gods Unchained free promo cards are some of the highest selling cards in the whole marketplace! Light’s bidding sells for 17 Eth and you could have got it free by simply bidding on their first mythic card auction.

Decentraland Launch Effect

Since news of the Launch in 20th Feb, we’ve seen some decent increase in volume. Evident by floor pricing increasing, opensea volume for 7 days up and general activity in discord channels being more.

People have been pretty impressed with some of the builds already.

From Polygonal minds transit system,


To clubs and museums!

The questions is, will this inspire more people to get involved? The Million dollar question, we will see what happens.

I also expect MANA to stay or increase from 400 sats to possibly 600 – 900. MANA is an easier entry point to investing in Decentraland so it makes sense it will move first if Decentraland is a success.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained has been relatively quiet over the last 2-3 weeks. Prices have dropped a good 20-30%+ for most assets, (cards and chests), and are still falling.

I think this is the effect of post-market release effect slowing down and players that were active in buying stop.

You can see there’s a significant drop between last to bars of each asset. (Blue and Aqua).

But if you had bought quite early before the hype for many cards started, you’d still be up in ROI!

CryptoVoxels and SuperRare

There has been some whale(s) get into both of the above mentioned projects.

CryptoVoxels Volume Chart

SuperRare Volume Chart

SuperRare is a project that sells crypto art and recently their artists have been making some decent coin!

That’s around $25,000USD!!

Quite commendable for NFT’s providing income for people.

One of their largest pieces sold for 75 Eth!

Cryptovoxels is becoming a great place to display art so SuperRare and CryptoVoxels are becoming a great example of NFT interoperability.

Check out the gallery below!

An extremely unique part of NFT/Blockchain based games that projects are experimenting with. But once some games get extremely popular and larger brands catch on then I can see some early NFT’s for let’s say, Nike, becoming a big deal as projects give these NFT’s special characteristics in their games.

As some projects slow down, others increase heavily.

As much as I try understand the NFT marketplace as a whole, the space is moving faster than I can keep up with.

I still have to look deeper into Steem and Enjin games. We desperately need a Coinmarketcap type website for NFT’s!

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