Decentraland And Gods Unchained Marketplace Analysis – Jan Week 1!

Thought I’d mix it up and do both in the same video/post!

OpenSea Volume for NFT’s is extremely healthy with Gods Unchained eclipsing the rest once again. Surprising since we’re a good 2 months+ since marketplace going live.


Land prices are slowly creeping up from 10k MANA to now 12k MANA floor with only around 20 Lands till 15k MANA floor!

This is partly due to the world launching getting closer and showcasing the last contest winners giving us insight as to how Decentraland will look in the near future and just generally supply slowly getting thinner even though volume is still consistent.

Here are some snapshots of what people have been building on their land!

You can try them out here.

Volume has been consistent over the last month which is great. Some big recent days after the competition finished.

Green = Parcel Count

Blue = MANA Volume

The Return of Nessie?

Nessie was the name given to a whale investor who came in 2018 September and spent a good 10M MANA+ on Land.

He made his mark all over the map and has started accumulating again with his wallet accumulating 9.9M MANA,  (~$360,000USD), to maybe buy more land or hold.

Nessie’s wallet

Land Valuations

Some quick comments about average prices of Land

Lands connected to single roads: 16 – 20k MANA

Lands connected to double roads: 30 – 50k MANA

Lands on the far outskirts: 10 – 12k MANA

Lands in the middle of districts: 12 – 15k MANA

Lands connected to districts: 20k – 45k MANA

Gods Unchained

Prices have gone nuts this week!

A few large investors are responsible for this but people are still buying despite large price spikes.

You can see 6th Jan snapshot has most cards doubled from previous week.

Some cards have gone up crazy amounts mostly because one buyer has single handedly spiked the price. Like the below card.



With many meteorites spiking, there was opportunity to buy their shines for a bargain if you were quick.

The card below went from 0.08 to 0.12 Eth within a couple days.

I was able to pick up a Gold version, ( you need 25 of the basic version to merge into gold), for 1.5 eth each! 5 of them with the last one being 2 eth.

25 x 0.12 = 3 Eth so at 1.5 Eth a piece they were a good buy.

I should be able to sell them back for at least 2 Eth but I’m planning on holding.

Chests and Promo Cards



Chests have gone up quite a lot since Launch, Rare chests haven’t moved much since there’s quite a lot of sell volume at 0.3 – 0.35 Eth but Legendary chests have gone nuts from 1.2 Eth to 1.9 Eth in a week!

Mainly because we had someone open a chest and get a gold Legendary worth around 6-8 Eth!

The next couple of hours Legendary chests had moved to 1.6 Eth and now are sitting at a healthy 1.8 – 1.9 Eth.

I’m still a big believer in this asset, I think we will see steady growth.


Ending Remarks

It’s been a wild 7-10 days for NFT’s with Gods Unchained seeing a lot of price movement and Decentraland finishing up their competition with MANA going up significantly vs ETH and BTC.

There’s always plenty of things happening in the NFT space.

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