Decentraland Business Conference – Learnings and What’s Next!

On Wednesday, we, (DCL Core), ran our first Business Conference in Decentraland,


4 Speakers doing AMAZING things with blockchain Tech came in to show case their work.






We had 70 Peak Concurrent users and 132 across the 2-3 hour time span.

I was aiming for 50-80 so it was awesome to see we hit that target!

We also had CoinGecko and Opensea sponsor our event which was tremendous support.

So How Did it Go?

Some choppy waters at the start. Slides weren’t working but after 10-20mins of trouble shooting it was all good!

Apart from that, the audio was PERFECT. One of the benefits of having a simple Audio Stream integration.

Now we know the slides and audio work AND that people love this stuff we will continue holding them.

But We Want to Go NEXT LEVEL

Conferences on the moon, monsters emoting when we clap, floating stands, all kinds of cool stuff that you can’t do in the real world. We’re not limited to real world physics, why should we emulate the same?

Maybe this is 3-6 months down the line but we have some awesome ideas planned.

Maybe even mini concerts/performers mid speakers or an Art Auction, Decentraland is the perfect platform to experiment.

Decentraland is mostly empty, but we are slowly building and running events to inspire others to do the same.

Many have joined in the last 2-3 weeks to build their own amazing projects and host their own events.

If this momentum continues, Decentraland will be BUZZING in no time.



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