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Decentraland Doubles CryptoKitties Sales Volume! | King of Crypto-Collectables Trading

Firstly, this is not so much a ‘Decentraland is better than Cryptokitties’ post, it’s more to compare the asset sales volume for different crypto collectables against each other and give an overall snapshot into the potential of this industry.

The Stats

Decentraland Stats

screenshot taken from nonfungible.com

The last 30 days has seen sales hovering over half a million USD.

Although there are not that many land sales, the assets are worth $1,000’s some even 10s of thousands so there’s no surprise the volume is so large. What’s surprising is that when compared to Crypto-kitties and other crypto collectables sales volume, (in $ or token value), in general, Decentraland is way ahead.

Cryptokitties Stats

screenshot taken from nonfungible.com

Before the eth network congestion, (from F coin), Cryptokitties monthly sales volume was sitting over $300,000.

Currently, it’s sitting at around $200,000 but I’m amazed how active this game has remained!

While most people in the crypto industry made fun of it, others were amazed at the potential for the collectable industry to be brought on the blockchain and now, there are 100’s of crypto collectable games in the works.

The Future

I’m very interested to see where the crypto-collectables industry will be in the next few years. This had me reminiscing about the times I was a primary school kid and was going crazy for Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

Oh man, those were the days..

To think, that’s being taken to the blockchain where it’s way more accessible and more interesting, tradable, online opens up a space where there’s AMPLE money to be made.

As these games become more popular and the for the rare few that actually end up building a thriving community who will hold on to them for decades, it will be an interesting concept to be part of.


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