Decentraland Land Market Analysis | Content is Starting to Drive Neighbouring Land Value!

Decentraland content has been moving RAPIDLY over the last 2-3 months.

As land valuations shift from just speculating which areas will be hot to actually seeing companies/businesses set up shop and thus driving value to nearby land.

Here’s an example,



These 2 estates are connected and bought by the same wallet.

That’s 19 parcels for 1.1M MANA.

A whopping 58,000 MANA a piece!

On face value, these are not 60,000 MANA parcels, maybe 35-45,000 MANA.

BUT considering their directly opposite Crypto Valley District which is where we’ve run a bunch of conferences, has an art gallery, is assisted by the Decentraland team, houses a Matic Build and a ton more in the works, it has attracted the attention of larger projects.

And as people come, buy and hold, instead of the usual buy, relist for profit and sell, we should see land kept out of circulation for much longer thus increasing prices in these areas.

The shift is definitely moving to where popular companies are setting up.

And I think that’s a much better way to value land.

 Cheapest Land

Cheapest land is 13,000 MANA. $520, 2 ETH

Prices have been around the 13,000 – 15,000 MANA range for a long while which is definitely strengthening the 13,000 MANA floor.


Although lands connected or around districts or roads are selling for a little more, we’re seeing lands that are around engaging experiences take off.

Here’s a daily land sale volume chart. Blue indicates land volume in MANA.

You can see we’re still hitting the 1M MANA mark occasionally and a healthy 200 – 500k MANA average.

The middle spike was the pre-release fomo. It’s good to see people still buying land after the release.

There’s a ton of amazing content coming out in the next month or two. Decentraland is going to look drastically different.

I think the momentum of land prices increasing due to location will continue and we might start seeing some record sales as companies get involved.

As long as Big Daddy BTC keeps stable.

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