Decentraland Land Market Analysis – December Volume and Builder Contest!

Time for another Decentraland Land Analysis

Land Valuations

I always like to look at the cheapest lands in each category. This gives us a snapshot view of the health of the market. Are we increasing? Are we decreasing in value?

Currently the cheapest lands on the marketplace are around 11.5k to 12k MANA.

There were around 100 lands introduced into the supply as prizes for the last builder contest and the last of them were just bought up for just below 11k MANA each.

MANA has been relatively low compared to the $0.10 it held for over a year. At $0.026 at the time of writing this, it makes these lands more affordable.

Or we’d be asking for $1,000 USD for the cheapest land which might have really reduced the buy volume.

The cheapest road connect parcels still sell for 16-18k MANA. You might see the odd sale for 13-15k MANA if you get lucky.


NFT’s are a risky space. If sales volume dries up, then there’s no one to sell to and you’d just be left with a digital asset that’s worth nothing.

So as a trader/investor, it’s astonishing for me to see consistent volume with Decentraland for a whole 2 years even when the client hasn’t even been released  to public!

Green bars represent ‘parcel count’ so it’s great to see that this whole year we’ve maintained continuous parcel sales. Sure, there’s a slight decline but we’re still seeing 500k+ MANA sales days which is great!

Estate Valuations

Decentraland is predicted to be a place large game companies or businesses can make full use of to market and show case their product to the crypto community.

With that in mind, I’ve looked out for large estates, (connected parcels), to buy and hopefully rent out to people.

The recent builder contest showed me just how big and valuable a 30+ Land can be!

There’s a couple of 30+ parcel lands above but if we click into the bottom right one we can see just how big of a place it is.

If we utilise the build height limit well, this can be an awesome scene. It already is!

This is only 30 parcels, imagine what you could to with 100+?

There are only a handful of 100+ estates for sale at a decent price per parcel.

I’ve recently bought some estates that when put together give me 87 connected parcels.

Kind of looks like a gun but it’s in the midst of a ton of districts and direct connection to the end of a double road which should provide a free view point.

Not to mention connected to two promising districts. This one was a hard estate to piece together but it has grown over the 2 year I’ve had it. The plan? To either build something amazing, sell it for a lot of $$ or rent it out to a game developer/business.

The build height when compared to just a single parcel is more than 6x!

A single parcel gives you 20m build height, 87 parcels gives you around 130m. Crazy.

Estates are longer term holds, (if you want to flip them for profit), but in my opinion provide much more value than single parcels. When whales come by that need a larger presence in Decentraland, they’ll be looking at estates.

In fact, the largest price ever paid for Decentraland land was $215,000 USD and it was a 127 piece estate!

Why Did Someone just Buy a Virtual Land for $215,000? Explaining Decentraland Land Valuations!


If you’re picking up 50+ land estates for 20-30k per piece, I think that’s a fair price. Obviously more if it’s connected to roads or districts.

Estates are still giving us consistent volume which is great to see!


Decentraland Rankings

Decentraland has continued to rank well compared to other NFT’s. It usually takes #1 spot and would consistently battle it out with Cryptokitties but since some other projects have blasted on to the scene it fights for the top 3.

Gods Unchained is new and has started to see a sharp decline in volume. i think it’s just a matter of time till Decentraland takes #1 spot again.

Notification Bot

Shoutout to Sai from Discord, (Token Tycoon), that hooked me up with this custom Discord Bot.

I can put i commands and filters and it pings me every time an NFT that suits these parameters is listed!

So I’ve told it to notify every time a Diamond Legendary below 12 eth is listed or Blessed Chimera under 3.5 Eth or a road connected land.

Pretty cool! Join the discord here ->

Metalith – Decentraland Land Index

A big welcome to a new promising project covering Decentraland data!

Metalith is a big deal and have a Land Index you can use to look at market trends and momentum.

The ‘zone’ feature in the middle right is really cool to see how different parts of the Decentraland map have different price ranges.

Barry Silbert has invested in them with his ‘Metaverse Ventures’ Funding arm set up to fund Decentraland related projects.

That’s all for now, with the project entering a new year, we hope to see some epic improvements to the builder and content that comes out of Decentraland.

Hope everyone reading this has a great Christmas and New Year ahead!

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