Decentraland Land Market Analysis – Did COVID-19 And A Struggling Financial Market Affect Land Sales?

Yes and No.

We’ve seen the Land Market hold a strong Land Bottom at 14-15,000 MANA on the first page. This has been the case for the last 1-2 months now since launch announcement.

No real ‘dump’

We did see a few low sales like these,

9 Lands connected to Vegas City for around 14,000 MANA each. The connected parcel alone is at least 40-50,000 MANA not to mention the others being close proximity.


3 Road connected parcels, as an estate for around 11,500 MANA each. We know road connected lands are minimum 15,000 MANA+

On the other hand we’ve seen some HUGE sales recently. In fact, last 24 hours we saw this beauty.


Along with quite a few large-medium sized estates. Last 24 hours we saw over 2M MANA, (400 Eth), spent on the Land market!

We have to be critical though, most of these sales came from 1 buyer. Looks like a larger whale taking advantage of low MANA price.

Relatively, It’s a GREAT time to buy land due to MANA being around the 2 cent mark. Perfect entry point for larger devs.

Let’s look at Daily Land Volume

Chart by


Decentraland is the ONLY NFT market that has been selling consistently for 2+ years.

Volume is the key to liquid markets. No volume = money stuck.

You can see that even after launch, yes we had a bit of a downturn but even with land prices increasing from 12,000 MANA to 15,000 MANA, consistent sales continued.

The future of DCL land sale market seems optimistic BUT it’s not going to be based on speculation any more.

With the Product out and with everyone able to come in and see how the platform is, most buyers should be people that have plans to actively develop.

So hopefully from now on, the prices of land will go up based on utility.

I also think promising areas like DCG’s business buildings will increase value of neighbouring land.

As this should attract more traffic and interest.

Will be interesting to see how this market develops from here onwards as we enter a new phase of Decentraland.

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