Decentraland Land Valuations Just Before Second Auction! Exploring the whole Map | How to get a good deal

It’s been a while since I’ve made a Blog posts like this.

I’ll be going through the whole Decentraland map and exploring land valuations, what they have historically sold for and what price you should be paying for land in specific areas so you don’t get ripped off.

Decentraland and other nft/cryptocollectibles are sometimes very high value assets. In this case, we are spending hundreds, thousands sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars for just a digital token that represents virtual land ownership. You have to make sure you get a good deal or if the time ever comes to sell you may find yourself selling at a loss.

That being said, this blog post should serve you well in giving you a leg up on understanding Decentraland land valuations just before the second auction.

Inner City Centre 4 Quadrants

Let’s start with the centre four quadrants.

Decentraland can be broken up many ways. Let’s break it up into two parts. One being the city centre which are these four quadrants and the other being the outer region which is much larger.

There are many characteristics of virtual land valuations that mimic real world valuations such as being close to certain popular areas such as district, genesis plaza’s or just Central to the map.

Genesis City is no different.

The closer you get to the centre, generally speaking, the more valuable your land is. That being said, it’s not always the case.

Although you may have land in the centre if it’s not connected to any roads then the value will drop significantly.

For example, quadrants 1 & 4 with road networks in them are more valuable than the other two. If you were to get land connected to a single road in these two quadrants than a good price to pay is somewhere between 30,000 MANA all the way up to 70,000 MANA if you get very close to the centre.

The other two quadrants however can see land sell for all the way down to the lower end of between 10 to 15,000 MANA. Even though it’s Central, the fact that it’s in an open space varies it’s price significantly.

There is a difference between being connected to single roads and double roads. Double road connections, (Thicker roads), within the city centre can go for 60,000 all the way up to 200,000 MANA. In fact one of the most expensive single piece land was on a double Road within the city centre which went for 2 million MANA!

Generally speaking, the more rare your piece of land is the more it is worth. A perfect example of seeing this at play, is seeing these two corner lands. There are only two of them in the whole Decentraland map in the bottom two corners.

The top two corners are covered by districts.

You can see that during the first auction, these lands went for 120 to 177,000 MANA! Absolutely crazy considering lands just a few spots away sold for the very lowest of 1,000 MANA.

A really good technique to see if you are getting a good deal is taking a look at the initial auction price that took place back in December-January, around 10-11 months ago.

Many lands sold for only 1,000 MANA back in the first auction. No one competed for these lands and so the first bidder was able to buy them. For some lands there was fierce competition and they sold for anywhere between 1,200 to 500,000 MANA just because people competed for these.

Going back to valuations, the most expensive areas are Centre Genesis Plaza connected lands specifically the ones that are connected to both the Genesis Plaza and the double roads in each of these eight corners.


They went for over 300,000 MANA each and are considered some of, if not the best lands in all of Decentraland!

Outside of the City Centre 4 Quadrants

There is another pocket that has Lands sell for a lot more than average and that is the spot here in between district x and fashion Street.

A pocket of lands hidden away, kind of like a private area. Single road lands have sold here for 30 to even 70,000 MANA and lands that aren’t even connected to any roads have sold for over 25,000 MANA, some even 50,000 MANA!

This is a special spot just because these districts are expected to be huge and getting a land in this seemingly limited and secretive spot is desired by some with the interest in these districts.

Lands connected to the other eight Genesis Plaza’s spread across Decentraland are quite rare. Each one of these Genesis Plaza have different themes. One being medieval, one being Vegas themed, we are still to be told what the others will be but it’s pretty cool considering that Decentraland will hold events, games, tournaments and all kinds of exciting things within these spaces.

You used to be able to buy land connected to these other Genesis plazas for around 30 to 50,000 MANA but nowadays even 75,000 MANA is considered cheap!

Lands connected to Districts all have different valuations. There are some highly anticipated and very popular large Districts such as Aetheria in the top right corner and Vegas City district the top left corner.

Lands connected to these districts usually sell for 40 to 60,000 MANA.

You can get some lands connected to districts for a lot cheaper. Some lands connected to Dragon City on the south east sell for around 15,000 MANA.

Lands connected to double roads outside of the four quadrants are worth about 35 to 50,000 MANA depending on how central they are.

Lands connected to single roads outside of these quadrants are worth about 15 to 25,000 MANA. Lands connected to the single roads that make up the Decentraland sign on the South edge of the map go for a little bit more, in most cases above 20,000 MANA each!


Lands that sit in the middle of a bunch of districts sell for about 12 to 20,000 MANA. It’s expected that Districts will be explored a lot more than open land areas therefore, being in the midst of a bunch of Districts should get you much traffic.


Lands on the edges, far outskirts, or not close to or touching roads are among the cheapest in all of Decentraland. If you order Decentraland marketplace buy the cheapest parcels then these are what will make the bulk of what’s listed.

These are able to be bought for between 9 and 11,000 MANA. These parcels are most susceptible to price changes because if big investors come in and decide to buy up all the cheap lands, then suddenly the cheapest lands could go from 9,000 MANA to 15,000 MANA like what happened in September.

Land valuations are best learned by following land sale history. The best sites for these are and Both made by talented developers in our Decentraland community. Also keep an eye on to get a complete overall understanding of the world’s prices.

Upcoming Decentraland Auction 2

It will be interesting to see how these prices will change after auction. It’s really important to keep in mind that this video and article can be completely irrelevant within a month, few months or even 6 months because prices could change significantly across the virtual globe.

It’s also important to mention that, although the Decentraland marketplace is the way most people buy their lands, a good idea to get better deals is to contact landowners from the email or discord or any other contact details they list on their land and negotiate better prices. You could really get some sweet deals this way.

Wish you guys all the best and hope you pick up some great deals on the next land auction in the Decentraland marketplace.

I’ll be making a video going through the best lands up for sale in the next auction. Stay tuned!

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