Decentraland Land/Wearables/Name Buying Analysis. Tips on Getting Started with MANA!

New To Decentraland/MANA?

This article is a quick intro followed by some comments on the current Land/Wearables/Name Market.

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Basically Decentraland is a Virtual world where you can own land, wearables, names, etc as Eth Tokens and participate in a ton of events from Business Conferences to Art Exhibitions to Games.

The below image shows pixels on the map, (each pixel is 16x16m in dimensions). When in world it looks like the above.


The cheapest land you can buy is around $800USD, (~12,500 MANA),

This is up in terms of fiat but down a bit in terms of MANA.

It makes sense as MANA is running up as we speak! Up 20-30% in the last couple of days.

The land market has been quite healthy over the last 2-3 years with 100-300 ETH worth of volume traded every week.

Usually with big MANA spikes, (up or down), we see some people sell land a bit cheaper to quickly convert to fiat and invest somewhere else.

Recent Land Sales

Recent Land Sales have been a mix of people selling cheap and others selling for decent prices.

Good to see a healthy 8-10 lands sold in the last 24 hours even though ETH Gas fees have been high!

Names have also been minting regularly.

We are getting closer to 20,000 Names claimed = almost 2M MANA burnt!

100 MANA gets burnt for every name. 

We also had a 1 ETH, (~6,500 MANA), name sale. Identity.

That’s well over a 50x!

Wearables have also been selling but definitely not as regularly. The cheaper wearables don’t make sense to buy because it’s $3-$5 gas fees usually to buy them.

Overall, we’ve seen a slow down over the last 1-2 months due to high gas fees but larger assets like land continue to show liquidity.

It’s great to see MANA on the move along with BTC. Usually alts take a hit if BTC moves up too fast but this is definitely promising!


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