Decentraland Launch – Success or Fail? Harsh Critics and Treasure Hunt Tips!

How Did it Go?

Wow, what a crazy 3-4 days.

Decentraland started off their treasure hunt on the 20th of Feb.

Day 1

Most people had no clue what to do.

So you log in, now what? I thought I had to scoot off and race others to find treasure. But exploring a world that’s 23M+ Square metres in area is impossible and frankly, boring!

People quickly turned to reddit to share there criticisms.


Lag, treasure chests not opening, bugs, lack of direction and 10 MANA rewards????…. all culminated together to give a worrying experience on the first day of Launch.

Day 2 & 3

After a lot of bug fixing, things got much smoother.

  • We learnt we’re not competing against others, only for the last treasure. Everyone can open 48-50 treasures, last one being the most valuable. Prizes get better with every chest.
  • They’re running multiple servers or ‘realms’, that’s why we don’t bump into others often. There’s been 4k+ unique players and 700 max at once, just spread across 10+ servers. This was Day 1-2
  • Graphics can be turned down to basic in game which makes things load WAY faster.
  • ‘/goto next’ command can be used to go to the next scene/game to solve for a treasure.

Decentraland released a guide with exact links to the scenes with treasures,

And HPrivakos did a Video Tutorial on EVERY Treasure hunt solution! we had direction! Things worked much smoother, people found way cooler treasures and suddenly sentiment changed.


People started sharing their wins,


And some people sharing what they won right on the last chest.

A frkn land and 2 Mythic wearables? WOW

Mythic Wearables go for 3k+ mana. The ones above would probably go for 5k+ not to mention the land that’s atleast 12k MANA.

So almost 20k MANA in just the last chest, almost $1200 USD!

Current Status – Day 4

The treasure hunt has been extended till Wednesday.

And most people are having a great time completing the treasure hunt with the exact tutorials on what to do.

Yes, there are still some bugs but I think this should have been branded as ‘Open Beta Launch’ rather than the products final form.

Especially considering there is still VR, Mobile, Voice Chat, etc to look out for. A LOT of progress still to be made.

I also talked to large investors and developers and most were impressed at the early beginnings of what could be a huge metaverse 1-2 years from now.

This was supposed to be a display of some simple things you could build on Decentraland. Yes, most were games but ‘Decentraland ‘ is not a game. It’s a platform to build experiences, whether businesses, games, experiences, etc on.

An attempt or experiment of Decentralization from governance to complete ownership.

Did Buy Activity Slow Down?

Some people were turned off, expecting this to be a complete, ready game, some were impressed at the early signs of potentially something massive. This was reflected on the charts.

Although MANA is still quite bullish, we’ve seen some choppy waters over the last few days. A lot of sell pressure on day one of launch and now signs of recover.

The land market still continued to flourish with massive purchases like the below,

And Decentraland still ripping Opensea volume.

In fact, Decentraland Wearables also moving up big time at number 4, as people start buying clothes for their avatars.

And Vegas City at Number 7!

We also had a crazy 11,000 Avatar names registered. That’s 1,100,000 MANA burnt! Absolutely crazy.


  • There’s a long way to go till people know how to use Metamask to engage with these NFT projects. There needs to be a collective movement to onboard.
  • Lots of cool scattered scenes. Decentraland isn’t ready for this level of exploration on the one server. Lots of lag due to it needing to load through browser. Maybe it will do much better on the one scene.
  • People LOVE treasure hunts. There has been a lot of activity within Decentraland especially the last couple of days. People love solving puzzles and winning prizes.
  • Larger investors that can understand Decentraland as a ‘platform’ that will continue to develop to enable projects being built on it are still interested. Decentraland will flourish when these guys start pushing the limits of building.

It’s great to get launch out of the way. Finally the team and community can focus on making events and bringing in users and learning from the data they gather.

Excited to see what happens!

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