Decentraland Progress – Land Prices, NFT Wearables, Realism, Game Jam and More!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. I’d rather make a video and post on YouTube but I thought I’d get my writing going again.

Decentraland has been hard at work and although there’s been no news on open beta, there’s been plenty of action in the world!

Game Jam – Builder Contest

The game jam finished with over 100 submissions. As they reveal winners slowly on the Decentraland Twitter, I’ve been pretty blown away with how epic these are!

The coolest part is this is just the beginning. Imagine a year from now how awesome the world will look with so much focus on content?

Decentraland have about 1,000 pieces of land. They’ve given away about 150-200 or so which means they’ve got plenty of competitions and giveaways up their sleeve to promote development.

This was the first open contest to test out the Decentraland SDK and seemed to mostly be geared towards stress testing the SDK and seeing developer feedback.

Looks like plenty of people were able to create some cool things so am excited for future contests!

Meetups & NFT Wearables

What’s a better way to incentivise meetup participants with some exclusive wearables?

Building an in game economy will be the CORE of Decentraland’s success. There needs to be people that create and people that visit and spend within developer scenes and experiences.

It’s a delicate balance but if developers don’t get their scenes out there and used by 100’s, hopefully 1000’s of visitors than Decentraland won’t survive.

It’s good to see Decentraland focussing on this. Not to mention, these masks look pretty cool!

Decentraland have plenty of meetups up their sleeve so it will be exciting to see how many people continue to join and participate!


Image from the recent meetup


Decentraland often gets looked at as a cartoon or game focussed world and I don’t blame people for having that perception.

But the reality is, the look is only limited by the building constraints Decentraland have applied to keep things low poly so they can work on optimizing load and performance issues.

As the performance of the world continues to increase, it has been mentioned a couple of times by the team that they aim to relax these limits which should open the doors for more realistic scenes!

Here’s some epic items from Planet VR that are stunning.

Each parcel allows around 10k polys so 1-2 of the above items and you’ll max out. But once these limits are increased we should start seeing some more realistic builds.


Decentraland Land Marketplace

Although land prices have gone way high, volume has decreased big time.

It kind of makes sense.

Low alt coin market confidence followed by high land prices. Something has to give. I feel land has become a little out priced for newbies as there’s no more 10k lands. The cheapest land is almost 13k mana!

I remember the first 10 pages used to be 8-15k Mana. Now the first page almost ends with a 15k mana parcel. (14.5k as I’m writing this).

Land’s usually move when either mana spikes or drops hard. People want to cash out, others want to buy in. But if there’s ever hype about the land market in the near future again then land prices could start hitting 20k floors!


It’s cool to see Decentraland progress. At a time when there’s dead silence from other projects that have run out of funding, Decentraland continues to improve and focus on content.

The roadmap shows there’s still another land auction, Interactive scenes in the Builder, Mobile and VR to look forward to so plenty of fun times ahead!



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