Decentraland Propose 16x16m Land Sizes VS 10x10m | Agora vote next week!

Each land parcel within the Decentraland world is currently 10x10m. A few days ago, Decentraland released an article proposing to increase base dimensions to 16x16m.

The article compared the two sizes side by side.

There is a preview you can experience of a live demo.

and an in depth discussion involving prominent community members and investors took place within the Agora channel of the Decentraland Discord.

Some points for and against were gathered. Here they are below,

Arguments for increasing the parcel size:

1) Larger individual parcels give developers more flexibility and room to build more immersive experiences on a small number of parcels, including room for pathways and roads between parcels.

2) Larger parcels solve a “cramped” feeling experienced from the early scenes developed for Decentraland.

3) Larger parcels will allow the client to load fewer parcels at a time, increasing performance.

4) Larger parcels will make it take longer to walk across Genesis City.

Arguments against increasing the parcel size:

5) Already existing projects need to be adapted the larger parcel size.

6) Larger parcels will make it take longer to walk across Genesis City.

7) Some early investors think that larger parcels reduce the value of their purchased LAND.

8) LAND owners with irregular shaped Estates might have more difficulty in filling their increased holdings with content.

9) Some feel that it is too late in the project for this change.

Decentraland is made up of Developers, investors, land owners, MANA investors, District Leaders and more who all will be effected in different ways.

It will be cool to have additional space to build but this will obviously mean a more expensive and time consuming endeavour for some who have already started building.

Regardless, it is a change that will be discussed heavily.


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