Decentraland Releases a Drag and Drop 3D World Builder | 50 Land and 900,000 MANA Competition!

Decentraland just announced another MASSIVE competition, this time to encourage content builders to bring their creativity to Decentraland.

In early March, Decentraland will release their simple to use, drag and drop builder.

The builder will come bundled with a big selection of 3D models designed by Decentraland’s art team which we can use to create static scenes.

Some Example Builds

Want to see what this bad boy can do?

These look like they’re built on 1 plot of land at the current dimensions of 10x10m.

The agora vote to increase land side dimensions to 16x16m is well under way and with over 85% leaning towards approving this change, there’s going to be a lot more area to build on!

100m2 to 256m2 is a 2.56x increase in land area. Huge.


Competition Details

Using the builder only, every contestant can submit up to 20 scenes.

Submissions will be examined by a panel of judges comprised of designers, artists, and developers from the gaming and entertainment industry.

The top scenes will be featured in Decentraland, and their creators will be given MANA and LAND, according to their place in the contest!

Scenes can be built on 1×1, 2×2, 3×2, up to 32 parcels in size. Any configuration.

The Builder will be released in early March with the competition set to start on 15th March. Sign up here.

What’s up for Grabs?

This is a Great idea to get people like me, with 0 coding experience, involved in building out Decentraland. To celebrate the release of the builder, they’re holding an epic competition with generous prizes.

Every scene submitted that meets some basic quality standards will receive 100 MANA. So at the very least you can earn 2,000 MANA with 20 submissions.

The best 50 submissions will be deployed to Decentraland. AND,

The top five designs will win:

  • First Place: 200000 MANA
  • Second Place: 150000 MANA
  • Third Place: 100000 MANA
  • Fourth Place: 50000 MANA
  • Fifth Place: 25000 MANA

The remaining 45 creators will receive LAND and 7500 MANA, each, for their submissions!

I’ll definitely be building some scenes and be tweeting the whole way through! Am pretty excited to see what I, and the rest of the community can come up with!

Sign up for the competition here.

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