Decentraland Updates and Review of Day 1 at Nifty Conference

Firstly, I did not attend the Nifty Conference but have been stalking everyone’s twitter pages of those that went there to get some hints as to what’s going on.

Maybe I have too much time on my hands but I’ve found some pretty cool stuff!

What’s the Nifty Conference and why is Decentraland there?

The Nifty Conference is specifically for ‘Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Blockchain Gaming + Collectibles’.

Decentraland can be all of the above considering it’s working to onboard different blockchain based gaming companies that focus on crypto-collectables.

I would say LAND is technically a ‘crypto-collectable’ but doesn’t really fall in the ‘gaming’ category.


Why is Decentraland here?

Decentraland are a co-host along ‘kinetic’

Decentraland have mentioned that they are focusing on onboarding game development professional teams.

That’s why they partnered with the likes of Etheremon and Barunson.

That’s why they’ve put aside $5 million in funding to attract more dev teams to come build experiences in Decentraland.

This conference is going to attract exactly this type of crowed accept they are BIG players and well established with a community that trusts in the game and more.

Think Cryptokitties…

Having the ability to pitch the power of Decentraland to all of these games should get them mega excited about on-boarding to the Decentraland platform! I mean, why not add a VR dimension to the gaming experience?

There are 4 Dedicated speakers from the Decentraland team actively participating.


Plenty of support for those that want to learn and onboard with Decentraland.

Not to mention that each room is named after a district in Decentraland!

Goes to show that Decentraland are a big player here as a co-host.

Some hints as to what we can expect has been dropped on Esteban’s twitter!

‘Proof of concepts of these being built at nifty hacks!

That means there’s a lot of work going on in the conference when it comes to onboarding games and experiences on to Decentraland!

Very exciting times for all of us

There has been more coverage about the first day of Nifty and Decentraland mentioned in

Looking forward to some coverage of Day 2!

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