Do Virtual Work Spaces have a Future? Let’s Discuss Pro’s and Con’s

After this tweet of mine got some attention,


I think it’s better to explore the topic a little further.

Will the World One Day Work Virtually?

In my opinion, yes. But to a certain degree.

The benefits of working virtually are tremendous.

  • Less cars on the road = less carbon emissions
  • Less Traffic Congestion at ‘peak hour’ times
  • Almost zero time spent in commute
  • More global collaborations
  • Businesses will save on renting spaces
  • More naps…or maybe that’s just me

These are just a few.

But what will it take to make this a reality?

A Catalyst.

A reason for people to think differently and question why the f they’re doing what they’re doing.

COVID-19 has made us think differently. Regardless of whether you think it’s a big deal or not, the world has never reacted this strongly to a virus breakout.

In the coming weeks, probably months, we’re going to see many places shut down. In Australia, businesses, schools, gatherings have shut down. People have rescheduled parties and events indefinitely and many will be home questioning what to do.

Work will need to continue though and as people adjust and familiarize themselves with this, will they even want to go back to a work location once this blows over?

I wouldn’t.

What Will Working Virtually Look Like?

To be honest, there is no real need for working in a VR work space. You can just work at home, call your colleagues via mobile or video to explain things. Hold meetings through Zoom, etc.

So what does VR work spaces have to offer?

The Social Factor.

The part where you don’t get bored out of your brains and can do much more than just work by yourself.

When I found DCG’s Business Area with many companies they’ve invested in such as ZCash, Coinbase, Kraken, Etherscan, just to name a few, I realized how big working along side potential partners could be.

Imagine walking out during ‘lunch time’ and meeting people that are working in neighbouring buildings that you could add to your friends list, strike a conversation with, get to know and potentially network with.

You could invite the Bitpay team over and show them some stuff you and your team are working on.

Have community global sports events. A Chess tournament?

Maybe even hold full blown out conferences.

There’s even Art structures and parks that can be continually updated with latest art work and famous pieces.

DCG have a big network and have the pull power to propose such a work area in time. One of the reason I’m bullish on Decentraland.

The Challenges?

I doubt people would want to jump in what looks like an online game and run around using wasd keys they’ve never used before.

Maybe the younger generation but most people in their 40-50+ are used to doing things a certain way.

Maybe once we get to VR but even then, it’s expensive, it’s bulky, gives people headaches and just not there yet. No doubt it will get there but not there right now.

Once VR is as easy to access like a switch on a normal pair of glasses, these worlds are going to be a click away.

That’s when we’ll see tremendous usage.

The High Fidelity Pivot

We are also seeing VR companies try and capture the work space VR market.

High Fidelity, one of the front runners in the social VR areas, pivoted to focus on building VR experiences for work places.

Interview with VentureBeat, Rosedale said it was a difficult thing to lay off workers. But he is excited about using 3D audio communication to enable much more fluid workplaces where workers take advantage of spatial communication and online virtual space where they work with others, all of the time.

For High Fidelity, the big pivot is that this kind of virtual meeting does not have to take place in VR. Rather, it can be a 3D space that is viewable on a desktop computer — much like the original Second Life.”

It seems there are people working in this space to enable working from home.

Catalysts will force us to think and innovate in this space.

It really is just a matter of time till the majority of office work is done from home, Virtual or not.

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