Dragon City District Begin their Land and Currency Token Distribution! | Big Updates

Dragon City District just released an update on their token distribution and Project progress. You will need google translate to read the document in english.

We don’t hear much about Dragon city, mostly because much of the activity happens within their Chinese Community channels, (qq and wechat), but they are definitely active and flourishing.

Highlights from the document

  • Our equity tokens, referred to as DCT, belong to the Ethereum ERC-20 token
  • The main role of the token is to prove the dividend right to the Dragon City share and the corresponding community decision voting rights.
  • Each piece of land corresponds to 1,000 pieces of Dragon City Token (DCT), and also corresponds to 1,000 pieces of voting rights of a piece of land.
  • The token supplies a total of 6,485,000 pieces (corresponding to 6,485 pieces of land in Longcheng Community).
  • The operating income generated by the future Longcheng community will be directly allocated according to the number of DCT tokens.
  • For example, if your share in the community in Longcheng is 1%, then you will get 1% of the total DCT token, which is 1% of the total profit share of the community. If the profit that Dragon City allocated to all landlords in the year was 1 million MANA, then 10,000 MANA would be obtained.
  • Claim your DCT Tokens -> our community website https://www.dragoncity.top/
  • The token supplies a total of 6,485,000 pieces (corresponding to 6,485 pieces of land in Longcheng Community).
  • Our docking with an exchange is also under negotiation. If there is an opportunity, we will quickly launch the exchange
Pretty cool stuff!
It will be interesting to see how much these tokens will go for amongst DCL traders and definitely will be cool to see our first project coin on an exchange! More visibility and strengthening the economy of DCL as a whole.
As mentioned in their previous blog post, they are also working on a Zombie Escape game.
They are still at very early stages of development of the game but is definitely a cool concept.
I am always excited to see District progress updates. I know most teams are hard at work and are waiting for substantial progress before posting anything but the fact that these reports are coming out are a sign that projects are making a lot of progress!

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