Ecomi Bringing BIG Brands like Street Fighter and Batman to Crypto! What’s next?


That’s a sexy licence list.

Most of these names dominated my childhood and the thought of them coming to NFT’s is BIG.

What Does This Mean?

Ecomi want to bring licensed digital collectibles to Blockchain.

In their own words,

We’re bringing Premium Licensed Digital Collectibles to the Blockchain

For the first time ever we can now own digital assets, thanks to blockchain technology. In our case, digital collectibles. At ECOMI, our vision is to create the leading platform for these collectible digital assets.”
Soon you will be able to trade these licensed collectibles via their app as Non Fungible Tokens
And view them in AR!

The Most Interesting Part

AR is cool, but the fact these brands are entering into the blockchain space, and Ecomi are providing this bridge, is WAY Cooler.

This is just the beginning.

For Metaverse Companies like Decentraland, imagine if these NFT’s could be represented as Wearables that resemble these brands?

Pokemon Ash Catchem Hats

Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Armor

Batman Masks

If these make it to wearables within these metaverses, it will enable these communities to pay attention, join in and represent themselves as any way they please.

Ultimately this will bring more awareness to the world of NFT’s

The future is interoperability. Let’s go!

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