EPIC 8 Minute Gods Unchained Review | Investors Guide

The Gods Unchained Review that will get you up to speed in 8 Minutes

Interested in Blockchain Gaming? Then prepare to be blown away.

Gods Unchained is like nothing you’ve seen in the cryptoverse. Especially the DApp or blockchain gaming world.

While many other gaming companies are still figuring it out Gods Unchained provides a fresh of breath air with their refined and polished look and feel to the game cards, website and general layout of everything.

That being said, is it actually a good game with good investment potential? Let’s find out!

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What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a trading card game built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

What does that mean exactly and what’s the benefit of being built on the Blockchain?

Well, it operates pretty much like a normal game on the surface but you can check things like card circulation, card ownership and there’s no real way to have your cards stolen or lost unless you actually get your wallet hacked.

Card circulation can be checked at any time like the below,

The numbers under the card tell you how many of those cards are in circulation.

So for this particular card there are 2585 common cards, 141 shadow, 29 god and only 3 diamond cards out in the Gods Unchained world.

If you have one of those diamond types then you know you have an extremely rare card!

You can buy card packs based on base rarities

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Each pack gets you 5 cards and a minimum of one card being the type noted on the pack.

So a Rare pack will get you at least 1 rare card, many times you can get multiple rare cards!

An Epic pack will get you at least one epic, etc.

Each pack has a chance for a mythic card to be found within it. here are only 4 mythics in this set with the first one being auctioned off for around $60,000 USD!

Rarities are Defined By Gem Color

The Rarities of your cards are defined by the color of the gem on either side of the card name.

Rare, Epic, Legendary. In this order.

How Capable are the Gods Unchained Team?

Gods Unchained is made by Fuel Games who were the creators behind Etherbots a game also made with exceptional aesthetics and transacts around $1,000 USD in bot part sales daily.

They have integrated Etherbots into God Unchained giving certain parts owners limited edition Etherbot Cards.

They also have some pretty big investors who have invested about $2.4Million in the game! Some big names like Coinbase, yes Coinbase are behind the investments!

At the time of writing this, the community mostly hangs out in Discord.

With around 2,000 Discord members, it’s highly active every time I log in with a lot of discussions and videos being made on YouTube and Twitch of people opening cards and making reviews.

How do I Make Money with Gods Unchained?

There will be plenty of ways to make money with Gods Unchained.

1. Compete in the First Tournament

You can participate in the tournament that will take part earlier next year where challengers will compete for an expected $1.6 Million Prize pool!

2. Trade Cards on the Gods Unchained Marketplace

Wait till the market place comes out to trade your cards.

There will be people trying to collect the whole set which means plenty of holders and cards being slowly dripped out of circulation!

You can also merge low tier cards to upgrade them to the next!

So 5 common cards can be merged to create a shadow. 5 shadow cards to a gold and 5 golds to a diamond! Which is another reason cards will be removed out of circulation and will slowly increase in price.

High tier cards like diamond and gold will be highly sought after as there aren’t that many of them.

3. Buy and Sell Tournament Tickets

There are only 20,000 Tournament tickets available. They used to come free with Epic packs but more than 20,000 have been sold so they no longer come free with packs.

The only way to get them now is to buy them from others on marketplaces like emoon! People will be trying to get a couple of passes to try their luck at competing in the game so it’s worth buying them and selling them closer to the tournament date.

Cheapest ones are going for around 0.1 eth.


Is Gods Unchained a good Investment and Does it have potential?

I’ve put in 1.2 Eth to open around 100 Rare packs just so I have cards I can trade when the marketplace opens.

Many factors make this a good speculative investment. Below are the main dot points why.

  • Highly engaged community who are making a ton of content about the game.
  • Prize pool of $1.6 will have a lot of people competing and should generate a lot of buzz
  • Mythic titan sold for 146 Ether! Goes to show that people will spend money on this.
  • Card Merging and collecting should take cards out of circulation which will slowly increase the price of cards on the marketplace.
  • Backed by Coinbase!
  • Closely based of Hearthstone, (gameplay, game design, etc). The Hearthstone subreddit has more followers than the whole cryptocurrency subreddit!
  • It’s cheap to buy a couple of rare packs, ($3-$5 each), worth buying a few just incase the game blows up and you want some skin in the game.
  • Etherbots is still being played and transacted. Shows the team is capable.

I think there are only a handful of games being built on the blockchain that will actually amount to something. Gods Unchained will be one of them!

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