Explaining the Decentraland Madness! MANA Up 20%, LAND Weekly Sales Almost 1,000 ETH!

Since I’ve made this video, things have gotten even more crazy!


From almost 1,000 ETH Volume this week,

To this $31k USD Sale!


This 6 parcel estate is connected to a Double road, a district and only one parcel away to another! Not to mention only 10 or so parcels away from a Genesis Plaza.

Is it worth 500,000 MANA? Hmm I think it’s a little overshoot. I’d personally pay around 200,000 MANA but I’m a cheapass so I can see people paying 50k per parcel for this Tops. That makes it 300k MANA. So 500k is a little much.

But with all lands having their own unique way of valuating, something is worth different to everyone.

This Mythic hat, (only 10 available), sold for 15k MANA

And these two sold for 10k Each!


On top of all this, MANA is going nuts!

MANA is up over 50% Sats in less than 10 days!

And it looks like it’s broken out.

Anyway so why all this madness?

Decentraland has been having Top Sales Volume for almost 2 years now. It’s the only NFT project that raised over $20M on an ICO and Over $10M on a digital land sale.

Probably lucky because of being born in an ICO frenzy, 2017.

Since then, people have known about it but mostly forgotten as launch and VR got delayed.

They were in development mode for a long time so when announcing launch, suddenly everyone sleeping on Decentraland are coming back!

And there’s so many games and things that were being built but not tweeted until just recently when we’ve been sharing more excited for launch.


We’ve also had some bigger YouTube influencer mention us like ChicoCrypto!

I have a feeling we still have a lot of surprises in store before launch and am exciting how crazy this space is going to get!

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