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Gods Unchained: 4,872 Ethereum Volume in the last 7 Days? Another Beast is Entering the Crypto-Collectable World

The other day I was researching for making a Cryptokitties vs Decentraland post and came across Gods Unchained.

Not only did it look pretty epic but wow, there was a lot of activity going on!

How Much is Being Invested in this Game?

Almost 5,000 Ethereum was invested in the last 7 days buying cards and starter packs for Gods Unchained.

There’s been a lot of activity specifically in the last few days! It will be even more interesting to see how activity will be in the next few weeks as the ‘ICO’ stage comes to a close.

Usually a huge influx of investment comes in at the end.

Will This Game Last?

I think it will.

Yu-gi-oh was big, Pokemon was bigger.

Card collecting is awesome and people pay a lot of money to hold on to limited edition cards.

Now, with limited editions and rarity being available to be built on the blockchain there will be epic card games coming out.

I’m more interested in the marketplace when trading starts to come out


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