Gods Unchained Market Analysis – Week 2 – Biggest Movers, Blessed Chimera Up Almost 300%!

Time for another Gods Unchained marketplace Analysis!

The first one was real fun to make but now we have more data and it’s time to look at the stats.

I’m made some basic charts to show the movement on top cards for each rarity.

Top 6 Legendaries, 9 Epics, 5 rares and…A real man lol.

Genesis Card Growth Chart

The first week to 10 days, (blue to red bar). there was a pretty big increase in value. Most cards tripled, especially legendaries.

But as of last week, things have slowed down as more data has come out and the market has a rough idea of what cards are worth now.

Promo Cards and Chests

Same deal here but most have continued to grow from last week till now! There hasn’t been much slow down with promo cards. Probably because there’s such little supply compared to the rest of Genesis Set.

In my opinion Chests, have the most long term and stable growth. Just because they’re a novelty to own and only get more rare as people open their chests.

They also benefit from all cards growing in value.


Some big outliers here.

Blessed Chimera and Daemonic Offering seemed to have grown the most!

Blessed Chimera’s have been the most affordable promo’s as opposed to First Phoenix and Light’s Bidding which is more of a whale’s game.

Image above by tokentrove

There’s only 10 or so listed till we start hitting 5+ Eth in price!

Gods Unchained Daily Volume

Red line = Total USD traded Daily.


Graph courtesy of nonfungible.com

It’s good to see consistency and although we are slightly down trending, as long as volume is consistent then Gods Unchained will continue to experience growth in the marketplace.


TokenTycoon Discord Channel

Someone PM’d me this Discord channel invite a few days ago and it’s been helping me keep on top of Gods Unchained sales.

You get pinged every time a sale is made in these categories. You can also set it up with custom parameters to ping you if a card that meets those criteria is listed.

Pretty cool! Join here.

Gold and Diamond Legendary Cards getting bought up!

Recently a lot of Gold and Diamond Legendary cards are being bought up! The cheapest Diamond Legendary is around 10 Eth!

Gods Unchained remains one of the most exciting markets to watch.

I’ve been keeping an eye on cards moving up in utility on cardsunchained.com

The ‘trend’ column gives me a good indication as to which cards will most likely go up in value quicker! It’s been pretty accurate so far.

That’s all for now. Let’s see what card goes crazy next week!

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