Gods Unchained Marketplace Analysis December | Rare Chests the Most Stable Investment?


Time for another analysis vid!

Gods Unchained Volume

Starting with overall Transaction volume, it has dropped heaps for Gods Unchained.

It’s normal as most NFT projects drop in volume a couple months after marketplace launch.

Now the challenge for the devs is to continue pushing great updates and tournaments/incentives for there to be consistent market volume. I expect Gods Unchained to stay in the top 3 for a while.

Genesis Card Values

Last 3-4 weeks we haven’t seen much increase in card value according to this graph.

Green color is launch, blue is pretty much every week after that. You can see there was a big spike in the first week and then no price movement, (all blue lines are pretty similar), spare a couple of cards.

I have taken a handful of top cards for each rarity as a sample pool.

Genesis cards are much the same

There’s not much liquidity with Light’s Bidding and First Phoenix so it’s always hard to tell movement but Blessed Chimera has clearly started to stabilize and even decrease a little!

I’m also keeping an eye on Diamond cards.

Diamonds overall are quite scarce. Even when you go to the commons and rares. So if we see consistent volume with diamonds being picked up then they should continue to increase in value.

I’ve had some rare diamonds sell for upwards of 1.75 Eth which is another benefit. Some people are happy to pay a premium for their favorite card.

Great Website

gudecks is pretty popular but this card rankings tab specifically is a great tool I’ve been using to see which cards should increase in value.

It makes sense the cards being used most in decks should increase in value as this means there is more demand for them.

Genesis Chests

One of my favorite NFT investments is in Genesis Rare Chests which contain 6 unopened Genesis rare packs!

You can see consistent growth week after week as people are continuing to buy up these chests. Compare this to Legendary Chests that are swinging every week.

I think rare chests will stabilize from 0.4 – 0.5 Eth but even still should continue getting bought up. The below 2 charts for trading history for Legendary and Rare chests also shows how rare chests are consistently going up in value.


This is the type of chart I love! Consistent and stable growth. it’s gone from 0.1 to 0.3 eth in a couple of months.

Lastly, an ROI chart of some of the top cards

Most cards have gone from a 75 – 150% ROI with a few exceptions. Tyet I feel can be ignored as there’s literally only 1-2 buyers that have pumped the price from 0.2 to 0.4 Eth. This is not good as the same person/people can dump the price. It’s also not used much in game so no idea why someone would go this hard on it.

Overall, as predicted in my tweet in December 17th, rare chests are doing really well!


Cards that are overpriced are becoming clear as volume for them are drying up and subsequently they are falling in price. I think they will pick up again as more people start to join the game and want to complete their Genesis Decks.

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