Going Through my 213/380 Gods Unchained Collection | 96 Rare Packs

I thought I’d make a Youtube video showcasing my 96 rare pack opens. You can buy rare packs here, referral income I generate will be used to open more packs and help spread the word on this blog!

The thrill of having almost 100 rare packs to open as opposed to say…16 epic packs or 12 legendaries is so much more fun! I always end up buying rare packs when I have the money.

So far I have 213 out of the 380 card set

If Gods Unchained picks up, (and I think it will), any card from the original set in a few years time should be worth a bunch. Especially when you take into account that you can merge lower tier cards for higher tiers. This maintains value for all card types. Even Common types!

For example, here are some cards I have more than 5 of available to merge to the next level – to a shadow type.


The bottom left denotes how many of that particular type I have.

I can merge all the above into the next rarity level, to the shadow type!

My Beautiful Golds!

I’m going to skip the shadow cards, (I’ve got 33 of them!), and epic cards, (I have about 16 of those).

There’s something about having gold cards that make them that much more awesome to have.

Here are mine!

7 golds from 96 rare packs is pretty good!

Considering I got 4 in a row at one stage.

My Legendaries

2 legendaries from 96 rare packs? Hmm…I would have been happy with a couple more but hey, it’s all in the roll!

I especially like the second one, the artwork is pretty cool.

Lastly, my One Diamond

It’s a common diamond but hey, it’s MY common diamond!

Diamonds are going to be quite sort after especially if you’ve got those trying to collect them to make a full set!

Overall I’m pretty happy with my set, I plan to open some more packs but only if my business picks up so it’s kind of a reward for myself.

If you want to buy more cards please use my referral link. I’ll use the income to buy more packs and help spread the word on this blog which gets around 100 visits a day!

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