Highest Moving Gods Unchained Cards! 2-4x in 2 months!

I knew for a while Gods Unchained was going to be big.

With $5M invested in the pre-sale, this one was going to be wild once marketplace opened!

Basically Gods Unchained is a game you can buy cards and battle with others to win prizes and more cards to sell on the marketplace.

Some cards are stronger and more played in decks than others.

The Diamond colors on the side of the cards represent rarity with Gold being Legendary, Purple being Epic and Blue being Rare.

There are only 2,000 Legendary cards of each type in existence, around 4,000 Epics and about 8,000 Rares.

Many top cards have increased a LOT since marketplace went live 2 months ago. Below is an ROI chart.



Most of card growth was due to certain cards being more popularly used in game thus more people wanted to buy and incorporate them in their decks.

A really cool website I used to pick up on which cards were moving up in usability early was Cards Unchained.

When the marketplace first released there were a lot of cards still to be bought and used in decks so every now and then I’d see some cards racing up the rankings.

I bought a lot of top legendaries and Epics and have since 2-4x’s many of my card values.

The play with Gods Unchained is to wait till they increase their user base and onboard many players who will need to buy cards to either play or collect.

Genesis or first release cards are limited to the only way to buy is from another player.

I’m hoping Gods Unchained becomes the MTG or hearthstone of the Crypto world!

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