How Many Great Pyramids of Giza’s can you Fit in Decentraland? A Size Comparison

I had a lot of fun with this post/video. I wanted to have more insight as to how large of a world Decentraland will be when it opens.

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Here is a video showing how big the actual pyramid is,

230m x 230m in area dimensions and ~140m in height.

If you zoom in you can compare people to the pyramid. It’s epicly big!

So how will this look in Decentraland in terms of size?

Each pyramid is 23×23 parcels in area so I’ve placed one in different spots.

You can easily fit 10-15 of them in the major districts like Aetheria, (top right) or Dragon City, (bottom right).

This gives us an indication as to how big these districts actually are!

I’ve also placed one on top of that big estate that is currently being cleared and broken into smaller estates. I’ve already bought a few of those.


The answer to the question in the title is 170. You can fit 170 Great pyramids in all of Decentraland! Ofcourse this overlapping roads, plazas, districts, etc.

So what else can we put on the map to see how big of a world Decentraland could be?

Here we have,

Disneyland Japan

700m x 650m

70 x 65 parcels | 4,600 parcel area/estate



87m x 55m is the Arena

16 x 16 land parcels is the Arena + Stadium


Football Field

110m x 75m

11 x 8 parcels | 88 parcel area/estate

Tennis Court

24m x 8m

3 x 1 parcels | 3 parcel estate   


You can easily fit all these in the big districts. I’ve never been to Disneyland Japan but I know the theme park is huge and filled with attractions so it’s pretty cool to know you can easily fit something of that size in the bigger districts.

That being said, it goes to show how much development is needed to make these districts awesome. If you think you can help build them out email me and I’ll get you in touch of the district leads.

Decentraland is set to open up in Q2 and once that happens and the focus shifts to on-boarding developers, we should see a lot of awesome experiences taking shape!

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