How to Sell your Land for the Best Possible Price

I have made a ton of videos discussing how to buy land for a great price but rarey do I make a video talking about selling your land at the best possible price.

In this blog post and video I would like to tackle this exact topic but it’s very connected to other popular topics such as buying, understanding market valuations, etc so bear with me this may be a long one.

Selling a parcel for the price you want isn’t as easy as just listing it at 10 your buy price and praying or hoping to get lucky with a dumb buyer. It takes a good amount of understanding about the current market and what prices are appealing to new buyers.

Just like how you were a buyer at one stage looking for a great deal, a bargain, a price that makes you feel good when you buy, others scouting the marketplace are also looking for the exact same thing and we often forget this as sellers.

The decentraland marketplace is a vast area and often people look around before they commit to thousands of dollars of spending on a promising but highly speculative project, (just like any other crypto project at this stage).

Generally speaking, if your estate or land isn’t appealing or doesn’t stand out in terms of price or uniqueness, when compared to other similar lands, then your chances of selling is quite slim.

A good way to see this in action is to continue to monitor

You will see that most of the transactions that happen are good deals and on the cheaper end of the marketplace. Nothing huge like over 50,000 or 100,000 MANA unless it’s a great spot.

A good sell price starts with a good buy price which is why it ties into understanding the marketplace.

For someone selling a parcel of land for 15,000 MANA when they purchased it for 10,000 MANA, this may be a great deal for them as a seller as they making 5000 MANA profit but if another trader purchased a similar block of land for 17,000 MANA then the 15,000 MANA sale would be a bad sell price for them resulting in a 2,000 MANA loss.

When buying a parcel of land always ask yourself, if you were to list the same thing for 10% more is it still a good deal for others? This doesn’t mean that it’s the cheapest land in that area because often there are areas or clusters of lands that are all over priced and will probably not sell for a long long time if ever.

It means that when compared to previous land sale history it’s an appealing sale price.

Understanding Categories of Buyers

Decentraland is made up of many different types of investors.

Some are there solely to make profit from their investments and ideally would like to cash out asap. Many of them are land flippers.

Some are long term investors who have invested money that they are willing to lose so are happy hiking their prices up and waiting for a long period of time to sell. These guys most likely won’t sell any parcels any time soon.

some are indie developers looking for a small parcel of land to build fun things and experiment with their skills.

Some are small teams for businesses or medium sized corporations that want to take their business services into the virtual world, of course these type of investors are looking for Premium places and usually can afford to spend a lot more than the average investor to get the exact place they want. Rarely do they come by but when they do everyone’s eyes widen.

Depending on how quickly you want to cash out you need to keep these investors in mind. Land flippers are constantly on the lookout for good deals so if you bought a land for 12,000 MANA which currently is 3,000 MANA cheaper than the cheapest price then you can easily list it for 14,500 MANA for a quick 2,500 MANA profit.

You bought it for a good deal and when selling it, it’s still a good deal so it’s attractive for new buyers.

But if you’re looking for your land to be picked up by bigger investors then you need to look hard at the type of land you have. Is it special? Is it an estate? How many lands of similar nature are there? What’s the average buy price of the single parcels that make up the estate?

Let’s use some of my lands for example,

The red ones are mine.

Here we’re looking at estates. These 4 estates are in competition with each other as corporate investors or bigger players will be looking for large centre estates to set up on.

The two 4 Piece Estates

The one on the north road is mine. A single parcel connected to the road is worth about ~130 – 150k MANA. So these 4 piece estates of which all 4 pieces are essentially connected to the road are 4x this price, (520 – 600k MANA). See how when compared to single parcels it’s still a fair price? It’s also an estate, is fairly close to the centre and isn’t competing with many other estates like it.

I am actually willing to go down for 550,000 MANA for this one but am confident it will sell for 550 – 600k MANA.

The 2 Large Estates

The two larger estates are the larges of their kind that are this close to the centre. The top right is definitely better situated but the price is 3x Mine at 100,000 MANA a parcel! Quite expensive. Yes it is unique but no parcel in that area has sold for even half of that.

Where as mine on the bottom west is 15 parcels selling at 46,000 MANA each. I’ll be happy to drop this to about 40,000 MANA a parcel and maybe more but you can see how when an investor comes a long with deep pockets my two estates are more appealing with the price.

Of course everyones view is subjective and maybe I’m bias because they’re my parcels but I always try offer my parcels for a cheaper than my competition price. That’s what gets me consistent sales.

Always try invest in Special or Unique Lands

For example the small pocket of lands in between fashion Street and district x are very limited so if an investor comes and is highly interested in this area then yes, you can increase the price of your land significantly higher than normal lands because you have something special especially if it’s an estate.

But if you have a land in the middle of nowhere then you’re competing with tens of thousands of other lands in the middle of nowhere so new investors have plenty of other cheap options.

Selling your land for the best possible price is hard to do and it depends on how quickly you are willing to cash out. but it still needs to be in the general ballpark range of what parcels have historical sold in that area unless you get really really lucky which has happened in the past but rarely does it happen.

At this point in time in October, lands have doubled all around when compared to August so look at and try and find lands that have sold that are of similar nature as yours and price accordingly.

Here is my October Market Analysis so you can get an idea of land pricing.

For example if the cheapest Road parcel is 17,000 MANA then you could probably list you’re somewhere in between 17,000 to 25,000 MANA as this is the range that most of these types of parcels sell. Of course there are many variables like what road it’s connected to and how close it is to Districts etc but the higher along that range you list it, the longer you will have to wait to sell, generally speaking.

Keep in mind that you will never be able to sell at the extreme top just like you’ll hardly ever be able to buy a d extreme bottom. we never know how high prices will go or how low they will go but there’s a sweet spot in between that we can aim to buy and sell.

This is what we should be aiming for.

The bottom line to remember is that buyers always look for a good deal unless you have a unique spot in which case you can hike the price a little bit but the moment you start doubling the price of the lands that have historically sold around yours that’s when you’re going too far north and the chances of you selling will be slim unless there’s a huge influx of investors in Decentraland.

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