Metazone Closes In On ~2Million MANA, (Almost 350ETH), Selling Games, Buildings, etc to Digital Land Owners

These guys have been on a rocket since February. Closing almost 2Million MANA, (~350 ETH), in sales volume!

Metazone link Land Owners with 0 Building Skills with Developers who can make great content.

From Buildings to Cars to full games with paywalls,

Developers submit their builds/scenes to Metazone, they set a price and a limit which Metamask users can connect directly and purchase in MANA.

If you know my blog and my work you know I love to follow the money trail.

And this is where a big one is leading to.

The above image shows 194 sales of this particular scene. Out of 200 Max.

These are soon to be ‘NFT’s’ you can rent, sell and buy from others. So in a way, these builds are ‘art’, if these continue.

SugarClub Gallery has a unique style which has generated around 60,000 MANA in sales.

The owner of the gallery runs a club in Decentraland and Cryptovoxels, makes their own art, etc so if SugarClub becomes a main attraction, having one of only 30 of his ‘first’ builds might be worth something!

Not to mention it’s a generally great build to deploy on your land.

It seems that new use cases for NFTs are being found on the daily.

This one really excites me. Games as NFTs in Blockchain run Metaverses? Are you kidding me?

Hell yeh that’s cool.

The Market is HUGE

There are plenty land owners in Decentraland that need content. I’d encourage everyone to learn how to use Blender and submit some creations and especially join the BlockRunner Discord.

A Metazone Hackathon is in the works so those that are getting started now will have a big advantage!

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